Naim Audio’s Uniti Hi-Fi Range

On any given day, a good, high-quality sonic experience is hard to come by because most of the time, music is experienced through the too-small speakers on most smartphones or the under-performing headsets that come with them. While there may be a portable Bluetooth speaker in the mix, it usually lacks the kind of power necessary to fully convey the many subtleties ingrained in high-resolution music. All this and more is exactly why Naim Audio’s Uniti range is such a breath of fresh air.

With its highly engineered range of Hi-Fi products, Naim Audio is trying to remind us just how good music can sound. All four of its products — the Uniti Nova, the Uniti Star, the Uniti Atom and the Uniti Core — focus on making the act of enjoying high-resolution music as simple as possible.

An Audiophile’s Dream 

The reference product for the entire range is the Uniti Nova, an advanced all-in-one audio player that boasts cutting-edge technologies to produce the best sounding audio from whatever you can throw at it. With its bevy of digital and analogue connections, stream music over Airplay or Googlecast or directly from platforms like Spotify and Tidal. Or, simply save music onto its local hard drive to have instance access without a moment’s delay.



The Uniti Star is similar to the Nova, swapping out power for a CD player. The Uniti Atom is the Nova’s little brother, a compact all-in-one audio player with less oomph but still rocking that line’s svelte brushed black aluminium aesthetic. Rounding out the line is the Uniti Core, a server for storing thousands more high-quality audio tracks for the truly music obsessed.

Impeccable Quality

The glue holding all this powerful hardware together is the Naim app, giving users full access to all sources of music beautifully adorned with up-to-date album artwork and artist summaries. It also facilitates the Uniti’s multi-room capabilities for the kind of immersive music experience we’re looking for at Coolector HQ.




Evident in every one of Naim Audio’s design and engineering decisions is just how much thought was put into them. The result is the Uniti range, a stunningly presented Hi-Fi experience worthy of anyone’s time.

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