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There are few things more frustrating in life than witnessing something amazing or a key moment but not managing to document it, to get a great shot. Well, that may soon be a gripe of the past courtesy of a rather impressive looking device called the Narrative Grip 2 which is both devilishly simple yet supremely functional.

The Narrative Grip 2 is ideally suited to those who go on adventures and live life to full but who actually want to live the moment as opposed to getting their camera out every couple of minutes to capture the latest thing that they’ve seen or done. The Narrative Clip 2 fastens securely to your clothing and will provide plenty of arresting photos from your daily actions. Using an 8MP camera and a sensor, the Narrative Clip 2 takes a couple of pictures every minute from a unique first person perspective and will likely capture dozens of interesting and unusual photos each day that you would have otherwise have missed.

Storage won’t be a concern with this cracking little device as it comes with 8GB which will be more than sufficient for a large quantity of photos which are easy to upload due to the built-in WiFi of the Narrative Clip 2. It also boasts GPS technology so you’ll know exactly where each of your photos were taken. Check out a few more shots below of this fantastic looking device:

Narrative Clip 2_3

Narrative Clip 2_13

Narrative Clip 2_14

Narrative Clip 2_15

Narrative Clip 2_16

If, like us, you like stopping to take photos when you see something really great but would rather just experience the great outdoors or some other adventure without quite so many photographic interludes, a device like the Narrative Clip 2 will be right up your street. Whilst it most likely won’t revolutionise the world of photography, it will definitely give rise to a whole host of awesome photographs for the user to look back on and not even realise they captured – which can only be a good thing.

Price: $199

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