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Keeping traditions alive, particularly those entrenched in the very roots of craftsmanship, is something that is, of course, of paramount importance and that’s why we sat up and took notice of a rather fantastical endeavour from one of the UK’s leading luxury goods brands, Alfred Dunhill. The endeavour in question is their superb Cutler of Milan Exhibition which is taking place in their spectacular Mayfair Home: Bourdon House building which is a sight to behold in itself but the focus of the attention is a jaw-dropping series of shaving accessories from Milan Coltellinaio, an iconic Italian grooming brand that recently ceased trading after 85 years of crafting some of the most precise and striking shaving accessories on the market.

All is not lost, however, as dunhill saw the importance of maintaining traditions and purchased the remaining stock of this legendary brand and it is this stock which is currently being exhibited (between January 12th and 21st) in their Mayfair residence. These wonderfully stylish accessories which were made by G. Lorenzi and curated by dunhill really do showcase the skilled involved in their creation.

When it comes to men’s grooming, we’ve almost forgotten the traditions of shaving, the exemplary instruments used in generations gone by but this fantastic show from dunhill brings them starkly back to life in this curated showcase of G. Lorenzi’s work and there will be over 200+ pieces on show at the exhibition which will likely give you a whole new appreciation of the art of shaving and grooming. Feast your eyes on some of the most delectable pieces from the show below:






The breath taking craftsmanship that is inherit in all the grooming wares from this highly regarded Italian cutler is plain to see and it is extremely heartening to see that the luxurious dunhill brand have seen the importance in making sure their manufacturing methods and techniques aren’t forgotten and celebrated instead in this eye-opening exhibition.

If you want to see just how visually astounding these Milan Coltellinaio shaving implements really are then there is still time to get down to dunhill’s exhibition which was put on as part of their London Collections offerings and, safe to say, all who have seen these stunning luxury accessories have been left in no doubt that they are craftsmanship that deserves to be shouted about and there are few better to do this than dunhill who will shortly be selling these incredible feats of shaving awesomeness in their various outlets across the world.

See More: dunhill (show runs from 12th to 21st January).

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