Native Union CLIC Marble Phone Case

Today’s smartphones are mightily impressive little gadgets and it stands to reason that we want them to look their best and this will typically entail finding super cool cases that ramps up their visual prowess. With this in mind, we’ve seldom come across any quite as striking and decadent as these ace Native Union CLIC Marble Phone Cases.

Marble is something typically associated with luxury and if you’re wanting to really enhance the prowess of your smartphone from an aesthetic point of view, then these Native Union CLIC Marble Phone Cases are surely it. Crafted from the finest, natural marble, each one of these cases is unique and boasts the intricate veins that is synonymous with this type of stone. Available in white and black marble, they are both lightweight and durable and will really make your smartphone look like the most luxurious accessory out there. Check out some more shots below:




We’re all for having something as bold and striking as marble covering our phones here at The Coolector and there is a distinct visual flair to this unique stone that will really bring a touch of understated style to your device. The covers won’t weigh you phone down at all as it is crafted from an extremely thin slice of marble and once you’ve got it in your hand, it is cold to the touch, just like the real thing. A superb entry in the ever competitive mobile phone case market and one we’ve fallen for massively here at Coolector HQ.

Price: $99.95 AUD

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