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When it comes to cycling, storage is always an issue, particularly when you live in a flat where space is at a premium and so far as storing your footwear is concerned, you really need look no further than this fantastic Kickstarter project that goes by the name of Neat Cleats.

Neat Cleats aim to unclutter your cycling experience one click at a time through their innovative design which are best described as a bracket that has been carefully engineered in order to fit onto the underside of your existing cycling shoe. Better still, they are both MTB and Road bike cleat compatible so the level of versatility on offer is sure to appeal. If you’re serious about your cycling and want to streamline your storage, Neat Cleats are sure to fit the bill.

Cyling Essential

If you’re living in a flat and love to cycle, tripping over your cycling shoes is likely to be an all too common occurrence but no longer will this be the case if you invest in a set of Neat Cleats funding over on Kickstarter right now. This cracking piece of design has left us impressed here at Coolector HQ with its intuitive and user friendly solution to storing your cycling kit around the home.

Offering two different modes of use, Neat Cleats provide either a wall fixed bracket perfectly suited for home or office usage and also a portable bracket with carabiner fixing that, pleasingly, can be deployed more or less anywhere you can think of. Extremely easy to install, requiring just a 7mm drill and Torx screw driver to put up, the Neat Cleats are the perfect means of keeping all of your cycling shoes neatly in one place and easy to access when you’re in a hurry.

Keeping your cycling shoes in the best possible condition, by ensuring they dry quickly are easier to clean, there are a lot of benefits to Neat Cleats and if you’re in the market for making your cycling storage much more accessible and streamlined, this excellent looking Kickstarter project will be up your street and worthy of your investment.

Neat & Tidy

Whilst they’re patently not going to change the world, if you’re sick of tripping over your cycling shoes at home, then Neat Cleats may well be somewhat of a godsend. Clever, easy to use and genuinely useful, there is an awful lot to appreciate here and they’re sure to be a hit amongst the cycling fraternity.

For anyone with a love and cycling and keeping their kit in order, Neat Cleats certainly tick all of the right boxes and their understanding that wall cleats were designed so that the shoe is suspended off the wall, keeping it clean and clear of any stubborn muck means that you’ll be left impressed with just how much longer your cycling shoes last because you’re finally looking after them as their manufacturers intended.

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