Neko Modern Cat Tree

Let’s face it, most people are either cat people or dog people and whilst we once would have probably counted ourselves amongst the former here at Coolector HQ, we’re now well and truly in the cat camp and that’s why we love seeing fantastic design projects like this Neko Modern Cat Tree which is a good deal more aesthetically pleasing than the norm so if you’ve got a cat but also want to keep your interior design on point, this is the solution for you.

The Neko Modern Cat Tree stands head and shoulders above the competition from a design and visual point of view but, importantly, also offers the sort of engagement and challenge that cats crave. This superb piece of design is a see-through cat tree which allows cats to climb but also be able to see out of which they invariably demand and it is a rare treat for the eyes that have become accustomed to garish and unappealing products for cats that fill the market.

Keeping Your Cat Entertained in Style

As much a work of art as it is a piece of apparatus for your cat, the Neko Modern Cat Tree has an immeasurably stylish natural marble base, which is clearly an innovative idea that goes against traditional design norms for this sort of product and it this feature was inspired by seeing a cat sprawled out on the floor of a house’s entrance area, using the surface to cool its body. The overall design uses high-quality, natural materials and a practical yet eye-catching approach, that makes use of each material’s inherent characteristics.

Boasting a form that facilitates comfortable climbing for the cat as it ascends and descend the frame, the Neko Modern Cat Tree is a vertically oriented design which is covered in natural wood and, as most cats like their space, it provides a private area for the cat to relax and unwind high up from the floor whilst also serving as a attractive interior object that fits effortlessly with your interior design aesthetic.

Cleverly designed from top to bottom, the Neko Modern Cat Tree has an axis of rotation which is built into the outer structure, which means that it can be opened like a door for easy maintenance and extricating your cat when they’re decided to take up residence in there. The Greek marble found in the base doesn’t just help the cat regulate body temperature more effectively, it also delivers a low center of gravity to help keep the tree stable regardless of the weight of cat climbing it.

Material Matters

For those of you that really love your feline companion and want to treat them to nothing but the best, this Neko Modern Cat Tree certainly falls into that category. Boasting Hida craftsmanship that dates back more than a millennia, these cat trees are made from carefully chosen materials which have been supplied by Hidakuma Inc. a company which strives to create new value through forests, and each one is crafted by Masaaki Ito, a master craftsperson who lives with his cat.

Cats are hilarious creatures and throwing any sort of furniture into the mix is a surefire recipe for comedy gold but it doesn’t mean to say you need to ruin your interior design to cater to your cat’s whims because this stunning piece of design goes to show that you can have a cat tree that both satisfies your cat’s need for climbing and destruction and your own need to have a nice looking home.

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