Neonos Holland 01 Dive Watch

Diving is a pursuit that will demand a certain calibre of equipment given the conditions that you’ll inevitably find yourself in and we’ve just stumbled across the glorious looking Neonos Holland 01 Dive Watch on Kickstarter which is forged from carbon and looks as resilient as they come.

Robustness and style is the call of the day with the Neonos Holland 01 Dive Watch and it boasts some first rate materials in its construction, not to mention an automatic movement, and all this, somewhat miraculously, comes in at under at under £500. If you’re a diving aficionado and have long been on the hunt for a timepiece that can keep up but doesn’t cost the earth, the Holland 01 from Neonos could just be the one for you.

This fantastic looking timepiece has some mighty impressive specifications despite its low price point and some of the more striking include a front case, made of forged carbon, which retains the movement allowing easy access for servicing and removal. The rear case, made of stainless steel with a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, gives the watch the integral strength needed for an extreme lifestyle, not to mention an aesthetically superior visual appeal. Take a look at a few more shots below:






Though we’re not divers here at Coolector HQ, we can appreciate a great looking watch and one that is made with dedication and superb craftsmanship. The Neonos Holland 01 watch certainly falls into this bracket and we fully expect it to reach its funding goal sooner rather than later over on Kickstarter.

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