For those with a love of camping, finding the right equipment for your adventures is something that will help ensure that you make the most of the experience and this Nestbox piece of camping equipment is one mighty versatile design that will turn your car into a comfortable camping car, simply by inserting it into the luggage compartment. The great design of the Nestbox will make it an essential addition to any regular camper’s journeys.

The Nestbox can be effortlessly anchored within five minutes and the sleeping grate unfolded which will turn your car into the ideal camping ally. The Nestbox includes the main body with space for cookers, water, fridge, two small drawers and textile bags so your camping adventures will go off without a hitch with one of these magnificent pieces of design in tow. Great design coupled with robust performance explain why this is becoming ever more popular amongst the camping fraternity.

Cracking Camping Accessory

Available in three different iterations – namely the Nestbox Tripper, Nestbox Supertramp and the Nestbox Roamer – and these are chosen based on the size of your vehicle and the sort of storage and functionality you’ll require for your camping trip. Hitting the open road in search of adventure or heading out into the great outdoors for nights under the stars is something that is infinitely enjoyable and with a Nestbox, it will be a much more comfortable and rewarding experience.

Camping equipment is certainly in no short supply but not many things are of the calibre the Nestbox which really will take your camping adventures to a whole new level. This superb piece of design has an abundant amount of features that will come in handy during any wilderness sojourn and this includes a ulsedan mattress, two cooker heads with drawers for kitchen utensils and a water module which is available as a canister with a tap or with an integrated submersible pump.

Nestbox is compatible with a large array of different vehicles popular for camping and this includes the likes of the Volkswagen Caddy, Ford Tourneo Connect, Citroën Berlingo Multispace, Peugeot Partner Tepee, Renault Kangoo and the Fiat Talento to name but a few and if your car isn’t on their list then you can speak to them to see if they can work out a size and dimension of Nestbox that will work best for you.

Additional Accessories

In order to properly make the most of the Nestbox, you might want to add other products from Egoe’s range into your camping trip including the NestBag, NestBed and NestBlock – all of which have been carefully designed to integrate with their Nestbox and ramp up the quality and enjoyment of your camping experience.

Available in a number of different styles and in a large of array of vehicle types, you are sure to find a Nestbox that works for your particular camping requirements and the versatility and functionality that they deliver really is second to none. For those wanting to do more camping in 2019 and on the hunt for the ultimate in outdoor accessories, the Nestbox certainly sits at the top table in our opinion here at Coolector HQ.

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