Zeus Customs Wild 90s Motorbike

We’ve encountered more than our fair share of motorcycle workshops over the years here at Coolector HQ but this is our first time discovering Zeus Customs – a fact made all the more miraculous when you consider the fact they’ve been creating amazing custom machines like this Wild 90s Motorbike. Fantastically vintage from an aesthetic point of view, this majestic looking steed has really captured our imagination with its amazing performance and first class visuals.

The Zeus Customs Wild 90s Motorbike is definitely one of the classiest looking bikes you’re going to encounter and for those with a love of old-school style racers, it’s certainly going to appeal. Zeus Customs are a Bangkok based workshop and are the brainchild of Worawit Rungjana Tanukul (a former graphic designer) and Nut – Vudanan Pakawet (a former banker) – and their love of cafe racer style bikes infuses all their eye-catching custom builds as this Wild 90s bike admirably illustrates.

Cafe Racer Cool

We’re big fans of the cafe racer style of bike here at Coolector HQ and there are few better examples of this in action with a custom build than witnessed with this Wild 90s Motorbike from Zeus Customs. Using the already gorgeous Triumph Thruxton 900 motorcycle as the basis for the finished creation, the Wild 90s bike was always going to be a visually arresting machine and the vintage vibes are the real icing on the cake.

The Wild 90s Motorbike from Zeus Customs brings the golden age of cafe racers well and truly into the 21st century and whilst it would be hard not to make a stunning like bike with a Triumph Thruxton as the foundations, the talented team at Zeus Customs really have gone above and beyond the call of duty with this one. Eye-catching details abound throughout the construction of the Wild 90s Bike and for those with a love of the little details, you’re going to be in your absolute element with this one.

Some of the stand out details of the Wild 90s Motorbike from Zeus Customs includes coffee beans leather saddle, powder coating fender, Zeus 1960 Classic Handlebars 1″, Foot Control stock from Bonneville SE, Mitas E-07 Tires and Brush bullet indicator – all of which combine to make this a mighty classy looking contraption and testament to the customisation skills of the team at Zeus Customs.

Bangkok Brilliance

Thailand is somewhat of a hotbed of brilliant motorbike workshops but Zeus Customs are one of the finest we’ve come across to date here at The Coolector and the Wild 90s steed is a supremely accomplished example of their creative customisation skills. The Triumph Thruxton is, of course, an eye-catching machine in its own right but through the addition of many new features, Zeus Customs have given it a real cafe racer vibe that will turn heads everywhere it goes.

The Wild 90s Motorbike from Zeus Customs is a classically styled, impeccably crafted machine that is sure to win over many motorbike aficionados with the magnificent attention to detail that has gone into every element of the design. If you’re after a workshop to deliver a cafe racer custom job for your bike, look no further than Bangkok based Zeus Customs.

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