New Balance 3D Printed Shoes

New Balance are a brand we’ve got an awful lot of time for here at Coolector HQ and the fact that they’re regularly endeavouring to innovate is something that sets them apart – and so it proves again with these New Balance 3D Printed Shoes which are set for unveiling at CES in January.

The New Balance 3D Printed Shoes aim to capitalise on improvements in the field of 3D printing to craft some genuinely extraordinary footwear that look as though they will provide unparalleled comfort. With a mid-sole that has been engineered entirely in a 3D printer, these eye-catching running shoes from New Balance are definitely thinking outside the box and this is thoroughly impressive to us here at Coolector HQ.

Using materials science to achieve an optimal balance of flexibility, strength, weight and durability, these great looking running shoes are a limited edition offering from New Balance and we fully expect they will fly off the shelves upon release. Check out a video and a few more shots below:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]


Data Midsole_500x500



Though it remains to be seen just how comfortable and functional these 3D printed shoes from New Balance will be, all the signs are looking positive and we can’t wait for their grand unveiling.

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