New Eden

New Eden

Videogames have advanced immeasurably in the last quarter of a century but just because the visuals have improved, it doesn’t mean to say that the games today are superior to those of yesteryear and, for many (us included), the games of yore are still well and truly holding their own and we love it when we stumble across projects like this New Eden Book from Christian Ernst, Alex Venus and Robin Soyka which celebrates the spectacular environments that have been created in videogames for our visual enjoyment.

This great looking book has been designed by the trio as part of a typography course at a Berlin university and, if you’re a videogame fan, you’re in for a sensory overload with this cracking collection of gaming scenery from the likes of The Last of Us, Proteus, Shadows of the Colossus, Battlefield 4 and many more besides.

When engrossed in a videogame, you often forget to step back and look at just how impressive it is and, for those times, there is this fantastic looking New Eden book which we’re very much hoping will make it to bookshelves at some point in the future. See why we’ve got our fingers crossed for this below:



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As big videogame fans here at Coolector HQ, this book is right up our street and if you too have a soft spot for the vistas and views to be enjoyed in some of your favourite videogames, you’ll join us in hoping that this university project becomes a tangible reality you can purchase in the not too distant future.

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