Slow & Low

We want to like whisky here at Coolector HQ because it’s what the likes of Don Draper would drink but, truth be told, our palate is more suited to craft ales than hard liquor but that isn’t to say we can’t enjoy some of the awesome brands associated with the whisky trade and amongst the best we’ve seen includes Philadelphia based Slow & Low who boast a doubtlessly delicious rye whisky but it was, in fact, their awesome array of goods in their online store that caught our eye – not least the amazing neon sign above which is available for purchase.

As you might expect from a whisky purveyor, cocktail books feature heavily within their first class online store but they’re far from your run of the mill tomes and, instead, they’ve gone for vintage style cocktail books that take things back to Prohibition style tipples and we’re loving all the wares that are to be found on their digital shelves. Check out some of their awesome products below (but, truth be told, we’ve been sold by the neon sign):










Though we can seldom stomach whisky at Coolector HQ we’re undoubtedly fans of the idea of whisky and when brands as brilliant as Slow & Low combine a superbly crafted spirit with an equally as excellent collection of wares, it’s difficult not to be impressed.

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