Nike By 24 London Jersey

When it comes to streetwear meeting sportswear, Nike know a thing or two creating some eye-catching pieces and that’s definitely the case with the Nike By 24 London Jersey, which has been made in conjunction with the London based brand, 24 London, who take their name from the ethos of having only 24 hours in the day and the need to be relentless and make every second count.

The Nike By 24 London Jersey is one of the first shirts from the Nike By You Collaboration Program and its vibrant aesthetics are definitely to our liking here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure that there will be plenty of streetwear aficionados looking to get their hands on one of these cracking jerseys. This great looking piece boasts a bold zombie theme, which pays tribute to hard work. Zombies never sleep, hustlers never sleep on their dreams and that’s what this collab between Nike and 24 London.

Zombie Style

Certainly one of the more striking releases from the guys at Nike, this jersey has unquestionably caught the eye and made us sit up and take notice of the Nike By You Collaboration Program here at The Coolector. The Nike By 24 London Jersey features 24 London’s mantra of “Zombie Living,” which aims to promote that anybody wearing the shirt is a relentless, tireless individual. To the rear, 24 is the only number that matters and boasts a super cool slime treatment. Located above the number, seven moons showcase the full lunar cycle, which is a knowing nod to the brand’s non-stop 24/7 work ethic.

The Nike By 24 London Jersey is expertly complemented by a “Never Sleep” sleeve badge, which delivers as a uncompromising statement of intent to fight against the odds and being responsible for your own wins and successes. There are cool, exposed flesh and bone details which feature on the ribs and the shoulder as another nod to the Zombie Living attitude. Last but not least, the vibrant neo colour scheme which is used throughout the design aims to reflect the unparalleled energy of London at night.

Crafted from Dri-FIT fabric keeps you dry, cool and comfortable along with Dri-FIT mesh side panels allow for breathability and an ribbed crew-neck collar which delivers an unrestricted fit, this Nike By 24 London Jersey has the aesthetics of streetwear but the performance of sportswear, so it’s up to you to choose how you plan to wear it.

London’s Calling

A London vibe pervades through this excellent piece of streetwear courtesy of the story behind 24 London. The brainchild of Fabio Nunes who founded 24 London in 2015. From the Peabody Estate in Fulham, creativity, and innovation have always been part of Nunes’ life whether it’s coming up with designs for his next 24 London collection or tearing it up on the left wing, there is always an admirable pursuit of excellence on show.

We’re big fans of the bold, striking style of this zombie inspired Nike By 24 London Jersey here at Coolector HQ and if its indicative of the sort of designs that will emerge from the Nike By You Collaboration Program, we’re definitely going to be keeping our beady eye on this project for the rest of 2018 and beyond.

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