Nike Air Safari Cobblestone Sneakers

We’ve not featured sneakers on the pages of The Coolector for a little while now so it stands to reason that the ones that compel us back are pretty eye-catching and painfully cool to say the least. The product in question is the superb looking Nike Air Safari Cobblestone Sneakers which possess an unparalleled level of comfort and a striking aesthetic that will turn heads every time you pull them on.

The Nike Air Safari Cobblestone Sneakers were originally released back in 1987 but now Tinker Hatfield’s retro sneakers have made a return with the wonderfully eye-catching and cool “Safari” aesthetic. This brings the Air Safari back in style for 2018 and for those sneakerheads amongst you that love these great new releases from Nike, this is definitely one of the best we’ve seen in a while at Coolector HQ.

Bringing Old School Style Back

We love sneakers with a retro vibe here at The Coolector and these super cool looking  Nike Air Safari Cobblestone Sneakers have got that aesthetic in spades. With leather uppers and a foam midsole, there is a compelling comfort to these great looking sneakers from Nike and for those who value comfortable performance as well as visual superiority, they are certainly going to be ticking all of the right boxes.

Nike Air are a type of footwear that everyone is immediately familiar with and it’s great that they’re still so consistently releasing new varieties of the sneakers for everyone to enjoy and, from a style point of view, these cracking Nike Air Safari Cobblestone Sneakers are going to be difficult to beat. Stylish and ideally suited to casual wearing out with friends, they will add a visual pop to any outfit you choose this summer.

When launched back in the 80’s, the Nike Air Safari range was geared towards running but there is plenty of street style to this re-release that opens up their appeal still further. You’ll love the touch of vibrancy and clever little design nuances to be found throughout this new Nike Air Safari Cobblestone Sneakers and they deliver more than you can ask for on the comfort front courtesy of the excellent materials used in their construction.

Striking Visuals

With all the new releases from Nike, you can typically expect a few eye-catching additions to the design and the Nike Air Safari Cobblestone are no exception. Exceptionally cool and available in a few different colourways, you’ll be sure to find a pair that matches your own style tastes with this newly launched collection.

For anyone who wants to add to their sneaker collection this summer with a wonderfully comfortable and painfully cool piece of footwear, the Nike Air Safari Cobblestone definitely gets our vote here at Coolector HQ. Great to look at and even more comfortable, what’s not to like?

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