Vintage Electric Scrambler S Bike

Electric bikes are typically built for urban commuting but there are some out there with a more adventurous spirit that will be in their element in the great outdoors as well and the Vintage Electric Scrambler S Bike is one such example. And, from a purely aesthetic point of view, this old school looking steed is entirely unparalleled.

The Vintage Electric Scrambler S Bike is their most capable and top performing machine from the brand to date and for anyone in the market for an exceptionally stylish and top performing steed, you’ll not be found wanting here. This extraordinary looking contraption is also their fastest electric bike to date and it is capable of producing an impressive 3,000 watts of power and boasts a top speed of 36 mph.

Californian Cool

Vintage Electric are a workshop operating out of San Jose in California and there is definitely more than a touch of West Coast coolness to their stunning looking Scrambler S Bike. This eye-catching offering doesn’t just fly out of the traps from a speed point of view, it has the sort of visual impact that really is impossible to ignore. The design takes its inspiration from the outlaw era when motorcycles evolved from the pavement to the dirt. It is a knowing nod to the innovation and creativity that led to off road motorcycle racing but, crucially, a fine example of what the future holds for electric bikes.

The Vintage Electric Scrambler S Bike is, as mentioned, built with exploration and adventure in mind and ideally suited to those who are more shepherd than sheep and want to furrow their own pathway instead of sticking to the highways. Boasting a highly intuitive control system, this first class ride has on-demand acceleration that is delivered with a flick of the thumb throttle and it has powerful, regenerative hydraulic disc brakes that offers great stopping power in any weather condition.

Rugged in design, the Scrambler S Bike from Vintage Electric has a robust suspension fork and Schwalbe knobbies that are capable of taming any type of terrain. The hydro formed, aluminium frame has a striking and uber-cool matte black finish that gives the bike the sort of stealthy, uncompromising aesthetic that we’re loving here at Coolector HQ. With a mighty impressive battery power that drives its excellent performance, the Scrambler S has a 1123 watt-hour lithium battery which is unrivalled in the e-bike market.

Excellent Features Throughout

Everywhere you look with the Vintage Electric Scrambler S Bike you will be greeted by first class features that help ensure this will become one of the most popular e-bikes on the market. This includes an out of this world battery life of 75 miles per charge which means almost any adventure is covered, a thumb-activated throttle, a super cool, LED cockpit display, hydraulic disc brakes, five pedal assist modes, and knobby tires for making mincemeat of any terrain you encounter out in the wild.

With prices starting at $6995 before you start looking at the add-ons such as a rack with saddlebags, a race-mode battery, a Spurcycle bell and ABUS bike lock, this is a well priced machine that will deliver an unparalleled performance. Aesthetically exceptional and with a top speed of 36MPH and a distant of 75 miles on a single charge, this is unquestionably one of the finest e-bikes on the market right now.

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