Nipi Smart Cooler

Though summer is winding towards its inevitably chilly decline here in the UK, we’re still hopeful of eeking out a few more sunny days or two where we can head out into the countryside, craft beers in tow and in order to maximise our beer porting capabilities, we’re very much interested in this great looking Kickstarter project that goes by the name of the Nipi Smart Cooler.

The Nipi Smart Cooler is, on the face of it, merely a means for keeping your craft beers (and food, if you’re so inclined) cool but, in actuality, it is much more than that. This spiffing little piece of apparatus is also a charging hub, a safety deposit box and much more besides which will make you love it all the more and if you’re in the market for a cooler that goes above and beyond the call of duty, then this is surely it.

With integrated oversized wheels that are suited to unpredictable outdoor terrains, the Nipi Smart Cooler is geared up to take on the great outdoors and won’t let your down from a durability or performance point of view.

It is essentially an all-terrain vehicle that just so happens to be a cooler too and will keep ice frozen for up to six days and has been designed by outdoor enthusiasts who spend more than a day in the wild and need a cooler that can keep up with them. Take a look at a few more shots of the Nipi Smart Cooler below:







With all manner of features that make it ideally suited to outdoor treks such as cup holders, solar panel charger, internal LED lighting, all-terrain wheels and internal and external USB ports, the Nipi Smart Cooler is going to make those camping expeditions a good deal more comfortable.

For those of you who have liked what you’ve seen, head on over to Kickstarter to bag yourself one for a bargain price.

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