Nisnas Royce Slugger M1 Leather Backpack

We’re always on the hunt for classy accessories here at Coolector HQ and so far as backpacks are concerned, they don’t come much classier than leather ones. With this devilishly dapper Nisnas Royce Slugger M1 Leather Backpack you’re getting a devilishly dapper carry which has the sort of heritage quality that you’ll want to pass on from one generation to the next. It is a spectacular leather backpack which takes its design inspiration from the passion of motor racing and mid 70’s Petroliana.

Priced at $310, which is an extremely fair price for such a stylish and well made carry, this Nisnas Royce Slugger M1 Leather Backpack will tell stories of the adventures you take it on as the leather grows old gracefully and develops a patina unique to you. Each one is handmade in full grain Italian leather which gives it a tangible sense of quality to the touch and ensures that this will be the classiest bag in your line up of accessories and we’re loving the understated and effortless cool of this carry here at Coolector HQ.


Old School Cool

The overall objective of this classically cool backpack from Nisnas is to answers the needs of the style conscious out there for an eye-catching, robust, all day leather backpack with enough storage space for all your day to day carry requirements. Nisnas created the Slugger Backpack in their offices at Nisnas HQ, then sent it all over the world to their community of fans in order to get directions and refinements, from the finish to pocket selection, zipper length to stiffness of the back – all of these were design features were refined and perfected by the Nisnas community of supporters to deliver the fine looking accessory you see before you.

Great design makes this Nisnas Royce Slugger M1 Leather Backpack ($310) really stand out from the competition and the fact you can get 20% off your order with the code “backer20” is the real icing on the cake for any man on the hunt for a new backpack this autumn. Nisnas are rightly proud about the quality of this backpack and it is unquestionably one of the finest accessories this Israeli brand have delivered to date and for anyone who wants to ramp up the classiness of their day to day carry, look no further.

Billed as the ultimate leather commuting companion, this top class backpack is a meeting point between the ultimate in functionality and beauty. Made for any trip, it is weather resistant and best used with propitiatory balm, whether on two feet, two wheels, four or more. The slugger is designed to be used daily and last a lifetime such is the quality of the materials chosen in its crafting. This backpack is made to be supremely rugged with multiple pockets, room for all your devices and medium sized laptops.

Storage Aplenty

Backpacks are typically our carry of choice here at Coolector HQ and when they’re as classy and well made as the Royce Slugger from Nisnas, it’s hard not to be impressed. With a majestic aesthetic from the outside and more storage space than you’re ever likely to need for your day to day needs, this is one of the coolest looking backpacks on the market right now and the great price of $310 is made all the more appealing by the 20% off with the code “backer20”.

For any man in need of a stylish new carry this autumn and you want to push the boat out a little with an accessory of heritage quality, the Nisnas Royce Slugger Backpack is sure to be fitting the bill for you right now. No expense has been spared in the journey of making this Italian leather masterpiece just perfect and the quality is unparalleled throughout. Ideally suited to your daily routines, this is definitely one of our new favourite backpacks here at The Coolector. Bag yourself a bargain now.

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