Tutukaka House

New Zealand is one of the most picturesque countries in the world and, as you would expect, has some amazing architecture which capitalises on the views such as Tutukaka House from Herbst Architects. Located in the Tutukaka region of the country, this extraordinary looking house has been designed with the mesmerising views in mind and has some 300m² of living space which has been carefully configured to work perfectly for the residents.

The Tutukaka House from Herbst Architects places the emphasis on the view, which stretches from the sloping section on a ridgeline across to the Poor Knights Islands. It was important for the architects to use the design of the interiors to frame these views and make sure they were as spectacular as could be. The spiral staircase that leads from the parking deck to the main body of the home acts as a telephoto lens as it’s trained perfectly onto a pool of blue water that swishes into a rocky outcrop from the sea.

Unparalleled Views

A view can make or break the appeal of a home and this Tutukaka House has some of the most impressive you’re likely to encounter and the ability to see Poor Knights Islands from the property is a real bonus. It begins with a carport that has an agrarian feel (where the owners’ much loved camper van is parked), continues between two block walls that solidly channel the arrival, and on down along rain-screened walkways and across a glass-walled bridge that links to the heart of the home, set on a perpendicular plane.

The living room of the Tutukaka House from Herbst Architects essentially doubles as a viewing deck for the amazing vistas that stretch out before it and boasts vast sliding windows that open one half to the elements and structural ledges, which become casual seats that float above the land. The architects have included a battened eyebrow with stays to support it as cover overhead, which adds focus to this architectural transition. Designed to mimic looking through trees by putting something man-made in the foreground of a huge natural panorama, the views from this piece of contemporary architecture are second to none.

Highly contemporary in nature, there is an awful lot to appreciate about the design of the Tutukaka House in New Zealand which has been made with making the most of the views in mind. There is a clear attention to detail with the positioning of all the rooms and interior design elements and you’ll be hard pressed to find a property that offers a more relaxing space to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Contemporary Classic

Modern architecture is something that we’re drawn to here at Coolector HQ and this is especially true when it’s as well conceived and executed as the Tutukaka House from Herbst Architects. Situated in one of New Zealand’s most picturesque areas and filled with neat little design touches, it’s hard not to be impressed with what the design team have accomplished here and the quality of the finish is exceptional.

The Tutukaka House from Herbst Architects is one of a number of residential projects they have completed in New Zealand and undoubtedly one of their crowning glories to date. Fantastically well thought out with a clever use of materials and unmatched views, we can’t wait to see what else this talented duo of architects come up with next.

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