Nixie Brick

We’ve seen a fair few products that have incorporated Nixie tubes into their design in our time here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, it can be quite a hit and miss affair from an aesthetic point of view. The brilliant looking Nixie Brick from industrial designer, Seohee Lee, is definitely one that scores well visually and the quality of this concept design showcases how Nixie tubes should be implemented in our opinion.

The Nixie Brick is a slightly more contemporary looking version of the much sought after nixie clocks of the 1950s and this eye-catching concept design will certainly stand out from the crowd on your bedside table or taking pride of place on your workspace. Cleverly conceived and with  whole host of cool design features, this is one nixie inspired product that we’d definitely be looking to get our hands on at The Coolector if it ever does make its way to market.

Striking Design

There’s something about the use of these diodes in design that really draws the eye and when its done in a more understated way, as is the case with this super cool Nixie Brick, then the aesthetic superiority of the product is plain to see. This innovative product is designed not to make any sound while it is ticking, so it won’t distract you when you are concentrating on your work or sleeping at night.

The Nixie Brick from Seohee Lee might only be a concept design as we speak but there is certainly scope for it to be developed into a fully fledged product albeit one that needs to deal with the scarcity of nixie tubes around the world. This supremely cool looking design is a a retro-modern clock which provides a striking yet minimalistic aesthetic which commingles with the steampunk-esque visuals of the nixie tubes.

The classic orange Nixie tubes join forces with the raw wood and steel materials used to deliver the sort of old school cool product that is very popular in interior design circles for those looking for pieces to really tie a room together aesthetically. The warming glow of nixie tubes is always an attractive proposition and its even more the case when they are supplanted into products as well designed and pleasing as the Nixie Brick.

Steampunk Style

Synonymous with steampunk style, the nixie tube is popping up in a lot of products nowadays but, most commonly, time telling instruments and this concept design from Seohee Lee is definitely one of the coolest looking we’ve seen to date here at Coolector HQ.

We’ve got our fingers firmly crossed that the Nixie Brick becomes an actual purchasable product and we’re sure we’re not alone in wanting one of these visually arresting clocks on our bedside table or nestled on our workspace. A cleverly conceived concept design from Seohee Lee and she’s certainly a designer we’ll be keeping an eye on from here on out.

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