Remote Equipment Alpha 31 Backpack

There are literally thousands of backpacks out there, and with all the different options, you may think that it’s impossible to improve on the designs already out there, well Remote Equipment has found a way to make a backpack that puts most to shame. The company calls it the Alpha 31, and it’s a versatile pack designed for an urban, mobile lifestyle.

Remote Equipment’s founder is Philip De Los Reyes, and he has over ten years of experience working with major brands on exactly this type of equipment. Before launching the Alpha 31 backpack, Philip did over a year’s worth of research a prototyping to ensure that the bag had all it would need to be the revolutionary product that he wanted it to be.

Designed With Experience and Purpose

Philip said, “I wanted to create something new and do what I love. Experiment with new materials, discover greater functionality and then ruthlessly test my designs in the real world.” The Alpha 31 is a backpack built for active commutes and busy people. It’s built to safely accommodate more than just your laptop. The bag is designed for the active traveler who needs a comfortable, practical, weatherproof and easy-to-use bag that’s going to last a long time.

The Remote Equipment Alpha 31 Backpack is no simple two-pocket carry and it isn’t some multi-pocket monstrosity either. It’s a purpose built bag with tons of features and a high-quality construction. It starts with the expandable roll-top at the top of the bag that’s waterproof and allows for top compression. That roll-top feature doesn’t mean you have to dig through the bag’s entire contents to get at items stored lower. There’s an easy-to-use front access panel.

There are also twin vertical pockets. The pockets have 3D paneling, meaning they expand giving you more room than the bag looks like it has. The Alpha 31 has a side access sleeve that will accommodate a 15-inch laptop, and it comes hydration ready so you can add up to a three-liter bladder on those long hikes. If that’s not your thing, there are also large water bottle pockets on the pack, too.

The Best Ideas Rolled Into One Bag

If you carry small valuable items with you inside your backpack, like your passport, then the Alpha 31 has a special pocket on the body side of the bag that can easily store those items. This adds security because nobody but you can easily access that pocket. Inside the backpack, Remote equipment lined the backpack in a bright white material so items are easy to find.

The weatherproof composite material and special zippers and rain flaps will keep your items nice and dry if you get caught in the rain. Remote Equipment didn’t just pay attention to the bag itself, the team thought of the user too, providing the back panel and shoulder straps with breathable non-abrasive fabric. This top-notch pack will be manufactured in the USA and is currently working to reach its goal on Kickstarter.

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