Nixon The Regulus Watch

For those that live an active, adventurous lifestyle filled with adrenaline soaked action and activities, finding a watch that is robust and hard wearing enough to keep up with you may well be easier said than done. You can call off the search, however, because we might just have found the idea candidate in the shape of this excellent looking and immeasurably durable, The Regulus Watch from Nixon.

The Regulus Watch from Nixon has been designed with considerable input from current and former U.S. Special Operations personnel to ensure that it has the know how and performance to withstand everything that you’re likely to throw at it. It is a high-function, purpose-built, and, most importantly so far as adventure is concerned, an element-proof watch that’s all requirement, no excess.

Special Op Capabilities 

Needless to say, the input from Special Ops personnel has definitely enhanced the coolness and robustness of this new timepiece from Nixon and if you’re after an accessory that boasts a stealthy aesthetic and is built to last, look no further than The Regulus. This cracking timepiece is ready for anything and has been team-designed and custom crafted with input from Special Ops every step of the way.

The Regulus Watch from Nixon has  an abundance of impressive design features that make its $150 price tag all the more amazing. This includes an articulated free-swing strap with a locking looper that ensures a comfortable fit, a shock absorbing PU jacket which protects the digital module, adjustable brightness to keep you invisible when you’re trying to fly under the radar and a 100m water resistance case with water resistant pushers.

Stealthy, stylish and robust as they come, this The Regulus Watch from Nixon ticks all our boxes here at Coolector HQ and for any man wanted to bag a new, affordable and super cool watch for themselves in 2018, this would be a good place to start. Available in three different colourways – black, gunmetal and sand – you can choose the one that best fits in with your style choices but, if you’re planning on keeping things stealthy, it has to be the All-Black Regulus for us.

Covert Op Ready

The stealthy styling of The Regulus Watch really does appeal and it has a custom LCD module with 100m water resistance, dual chronographs, oversized LED backlight display, and fiber-reinforced case which has been carefully designed and crafted to be capable of standing up to even the harshest of environmental conditions.

With the $150 price tag making it one of the more affordable timepieces on the market, we’re sure that adventure lovers aplenty will be snapping The Regulus up and having it as their next must-have accessory when heading out into the wild. An understated cool is an aesthetically superior attraction of this watch from Nixon and those of a military persuasion are going to be adding this timepiece to their wrists in their droves.

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