Nomad Wireless USB Hub

With all the technology that finds itself in the workspaces of most people today, it can be quite the problem finding the right sort of charging solution for all your different devices but that’s where this excellent looking Wireless USB Hub from Nomad comes into play. This first class bit of kit from the tech giants will be your go-to charging ally and its wireless nature is perfect for helping ensure it doesn’t end up cluttering your workspace.

The Nomad Wireless USB Hub is a sophisticated and stylish wireless charger which boasts a multi-port USB charging hub beneath which will make sure none of your devices go wanting when it comes to charging them. This impressive little bit of kit is capable of charging up to 5 devices simultaneously and it has been carefully designed to blend into your the aesthetics of most workspaces or interior design endeavours.

Workspace Wonder

Our workspace or desks are where the majority of us spend most of the day so it is always beneficial to have something on hand that can keep all your tech juiced and there are few better candidates for the job than that of the Nomad Wireless USB Hub. This excellent little accessory has, discreetly hidden under its matte rubber top, a rear side that houses four high-powered USB ports and a cable routing passage for understated and sleek cable management to keep your desk free and clear of clutter.

All about being organised and keeping your workspace in ship shape, the Nomad Wireless USB Hub has been purpose built with cable management in mind. It does an excellent job of minimising the cable clutter on your desk or bedside and in order to make it extra stable, Nomad added molded steel bars and a rubber base around the bottom ensuring that it always stays in place regardless of bumps and knocks as your plugging in your devices.

The Nomad Wireless USB Hub has LED lights situated on the top rim of the display whether your device is charging or not or has completed its charge. They are orange when charging, and white once fully charged. If you hate annoying lights in a dark room you’ll be pleased to hear this device adds an ambient light sensor that dims the lights when it is in a dark room so it won’t disturb you at night if you’re placing it on your bedside table.

Battery Boost

The ability to charge up to five devices at once is an impressive feature of the Nomad Wireless USB Hub and it is compatible with the latest Apple phones i.e. 8 and X so if you’re rocking one of those in your pocket, this is the accessory for your workspace. This great bit of kit from Nomad is robust and versatile and the ideal addition to any creative individual’s workspace where gadgets aplenty reside.

Nomad are a brand that always excel in the performance department and their Wireless USB Hub scores well visually too and puts the emphasis on ensuring that one’s workspace, bedside table or other surfaces don’t become beset with cables and the messy aesthetic that this gives rise to.

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