Junsei House

Less is more in our opinion when it comes to architecture and interior design and it’s for that reason that we’ve been left so impressed with Junsei House here at Coolector HQ. This impressive piece of design from Suyama Peterson Deguchi is located in Seattle in the Pacific North West and is a lesson in minimalism and how to make a house a home without any unnecessary excesses.

The Junsei House by Suyama Peterson Deguchi is a welcome retreat for its owners from the hustle and bustle of day to day living and the tree-lined surroundings are perfect for helping promote a sense of relaxation when you’re inside looking out. The angular, sleek design is simplistic in nature but can’t help but draw the eye courtesy of how cleverly the structure has been designed and you’ll be mesmerised by how much functional space there is within.

Minimalist Construct

Making sure the structure respects the landscape in which it sits, the Junsei House has a small footprint that doesn’t take any liberties, with all of the trees on the plot remaining in place. With a width of just 18 feet and a length of 80 feet to work with, it’s clear that the architects behind this project had their work cut out to make such a functional and attractive home and the elegant interiors are exactly the sort that we lean towards here at The Coolector.

The Junsei House is relaxation personified and the lush exteriors are framed expertly by the interior spaces and when you’re sitting inside this beautiful property you won’t want to leave such is the sense of serenity that will wash over you. The build was completed on a shoestring budget and this was achieved through the use of lower cost materials, such as raw plywood on the inside and corrugated metal siding covering the exterior.

There is a striking white white box that’s seen on the front of the house and follows through onto the inside which is where you’ll find the service components for the house, and it also delivers the loft space above which adds more functional space. With a distinctly retro vintage vibe to the interiors and loads of sentimental bits and pieces dotted about the shelves and storage spaces, it really does feel homely with a carefully considered approach to the interior design.

Exceptional Design

We love understated architectural projects here at Coolector HQ and this Junsei House is one of the coolest looking we’ve seen so far in 2018. Great to look at, functional and with a really striking approach to the interior design, there really is nothing not to like here.

If you’re looking for design inspiration for your own and have a penchant for minimalistic aesthetics, there will be plenty to gleam from the Junsei House. White interiors and wonderful use of wood throughout make this a calming place to live and we can’t wait to see what else the architects behind it come with over the next 12 months.

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