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Tackling the great outdoors is an extremely rewarding and worthwhile endeavour but it can also be a devilishly tiring affair to trek through woodland or up mountainous terrains and, quite simply, you can’t beat a good sit down when it comes to rest and recuperation and this is something that Spanish designer, Jorge Penadés, is only too aware of with his superb Nomadic Furniture series.

This brilliantly inventive offering is, in essence, a series of lightweight wooden boards which collapse into a backpack and can be deployed when you need a rest or want to sit back and enjoy a particularly impressive vista or piece of scenery. The main element of the Nomadic Furniture is the ease with which it can be ported around and the designer himself states that he made the seating more portable at the expense of comfort so don’t expect it to be a relaxation hotspot when you sit down. It’s put together without the need for any glue or screws and, in fact, just relies on a series of brightly coloured metal connectors that gives an additional visual appeal to the seating options. As ever, a video paints a thousand words, so check out this excellent showcase of Nomadic Furniture below:

[vimeo width=”700″ height=”500″][/vimeo]

Luxury is not anymore a matter of comfort. Nowadays, luxury is to be able to decide where you want to have a moment of peace, a chance to escape from hectic activity of contemporary lifestyles.

For those adventurers out there who spend a lot of time conquering terrains and who want to reward themselves with a seat overlooking some breathtaking scenery, the Nomadic Furniture series from Jorge Penadés will be right up your street and we here at The Coolector are definitely impressed with the innovation on show from the Spanish designer.




See more about this excellent project – HERE.

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