Nomos Glashütte Lux Watch


Nomos Glashütte are a watchmaker that have been on our radar here at Coolector HQ for quite some time now but we’ve yet to champion their wares on our pages – until now that is. The exceptional craftsmanship is extremely evident in the mightily spiffing Nomos Glashütte Lux watch above that, quite frankly, has all the dapper credentials that your Don Draper types will definitely be fans of and, whilst we’re certainly not in his league, we’d love to have one of these sartorially superb watches on our wrist.

The stunning series of watches takes their name from the Latin for light and lustre and it has certainly lit up our headquarters with its immensely impressive design and eye-catching specifications. The Nomos Glashütte Lux has superb features which include a DUW 2002 Caliber movement, 84 hour power reserve and sapphire crystal glass casing. Elegant in the extreme and extraordinarily stylish, we can’t hide quite how impressed we here at The Coolector are with the Lux from Nomos Glashütte and we think you’d be hard pressed to find a more understated and luxurious timepiece out there. Check it out in all its sartorial glory below:


The German watchmakers behind the Lux series of watches are a relative newcomer to the horology industry having only been established in 1990 but they’ve wasted no time in muscling their way into what is a highly competitive industry and with watches as striking and luxury-soaked as the Lux timepiece. Kudos, chaps. Stunning watchmaking.

Price: $18,000+

Available: Nomos Glashuette.

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