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We’ve certainly got an affinity for New York here at Coolector HQ and it remains one of our favourite cities in the world and it is for that reason that we’re always on the lookout for top class brands from the Big Apple and we’ve just come across another in the form of Nomas and their cracking collection of apparel which is right up our street.

Nomas are a Manhattan based purveyor of apparel and artwork with the which is driven by the ethos of “The Thrill of Victory and the Ecstasy of Defeat” and, for that reason, you shouldn’t be surprised to see the inimitable Muhammed Ali featuring heavily in their collection of apparel. The company was founded back in 2004 by a sports mad chap by the name of Chris Isenberg who, alongside Brooklyn based design studio, Doubleday & Cartwright, has created a highly distinctive and impressive brand with New York at its core.

If you’re a New Yorkaphile like us here at The Coolector then you can rest assured that you’ll find plenty of awesome goods to sate this appetite with Nomas and you can see some of our favourite pieces from this fantastic brand below:

grid_feature england_front USA_front

We’re suckers who this type of clothing here at Coolector HQ and when it has the additional benefit of being New York affiliated we are completed sold and Nomas is definitely a brand that we’re going to be keeping an eye on in the future as they add to their ever growing roster of awesome apparel.

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