Ben Young Glass Sculptures

When it comes to featuring art here on the pages of The Coolector, we’ve invariably gone down the illustration or print route and seldom have we featured sculptures but I think that is perhaps because we’re yet to have encountered any that mesmerised us quite as much as these awesome and genuinely astounding Glass Sculptures by Ben Young.

Ben Young is a self-taught artist who boasts a mightily interesting back story which entails being a surfer, skateboarder, boat builder and now an artist, and this supremely talented chap has left us agog with his cracking series of water-themed glass sculptures such as The Beacon pictured above.

The visual appeal of these fantastic sculptures is unparalleled in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and the painstaking detail that the artist has gone to in order to realistically create the water aesthetic is commendable. He has created the sculptures by using sheet after sheet of carefully cut glass that he joins together to create hyper-realistic representations of bodies of water and Young’s chief influences for his pieces come from having grown up alongside New Zealand’s breath-taking Bay of Plenty on the North Island. Check out some more of his highly impressive work below:




We’re massive fans of Young’s eye for the spectacular which shines through in his first class glass sculptures and you can see the man talking about his glass sculpting processes below:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

If you’re a fan of the deep blue and want some utterly stunning artwork for your home or office then we here at The Coolector can genuinely think of few better pieces than these Glass Sculptures from Ben Young.

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