Noori V02 Airy Grill

Now that summer is in the air and we can head back out into our backyards to enjoy a cookout or two, a lot of us will be turning our attention to the devices we’ll be using to cook up a storm. Well, allow us to introduce you to the fantastic looking and technologically superior Noori V02 Airy Grill. This ace piece of cooking apparatus comes in matte black and shiny black models and will add a touch of stealthy sophistication to your cookouts this summer.

The Noori V02 Airy Grill is, undoubtedly, one of the coolest looking pieces of cooking apparatus you’re likely to encounter anywhere this summer. It is extremely portable and only one person is needed to assemble and move it around so, if you want to take it out into the wild with you this summer, that is a distinct possibility. With prices starting at £1110 for the V02 Airy Grill, it doesn’t come cheap but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better looking or more accomplished cookout monster out there.

Strike a Light

Noori® V02 Airy Grill has is mainly crafted from enamelled steel combined with the Thermal Resistance of the refractory concrete. The design is divided into six internal plates which form the innovative AIRY SYSTEM – which means you just need to remove a few refractory plates inside of the AIRY cylinder and the flames will be exposed, dancing and allowing the mesmerising view of an open fire.

If you’re a pizza aficionado, you’ll be pleased to hear that each Noori V02 Airy Grill comes with a pizza disc which allows you to prepare pizzas in just a few minutes. It can also be used to prepare bread, or to support roasters and containers suitable for ovens. The Noori® disc was designed after several tests with refractory stones available on the market and delivers an impeccable pizza cooking performance.

The Noori® Thermometer allows the user to cook with complete accuracy so you get the perfect finish each meal you create. With it, you can be assured a slow preparation at 300F, or pizzas at 750 F. We love the aesthetics of Noori grills here at Coolector HQ and this latest offering takes things to a whole new level. It just over £1k it represents quite a hefty investment but, in our opinion at The Coolector, one well worth making.

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