Triwa Time for SUB Oceans Watches

TRIWA, the Swedish watchmaker, are one of the forefront brands in our thinking when it comes to ethical craftsmanship and products designed to make a difference and their latest release, the Time For SUB Oceans Watches, can certainly be added to that list. A year ago, TRIWA launched the world’s first watch made from recycled ocean plastic, to raise awareness of the ocean’s critical health.

After a successful year with nearly 10,000  units sold, the equivalent of approximately 20,000 PET bottles, they are now launching this Time for SUB Oceans Dive Watch which is a timepiece which is made completely from a recycled ocean plastic called Ocean Plastic SUB. Not only does this watch look fantastic (for a great price of just $149), it is also playing its part in helping clean up the world’s oceans. The definition of a win, win.

Looks Good, Does Good

This superb looking TRIWA Ocean Plastic SUB takes inspiration from early underwater explorers and is made in conjunction with Tide Ocean Material, Switzerland. The new collection is part of TRIWAs Time for Change strategy where they want to make the watch a statement symbol to raise awareness for issues of our time.

TRIWA has previously launched Time for Peace, with timepieces crafted from upcycled illegal weapons, Time for Pride, to increase awareness for free love and Time for Oceans, to make use of ocean garbage and heighten awareness for the ocean’s critical health. For this watch, both the case and strap are made from 100% recycled ocean plastic produced by Tide Ocean Material® from Switzerland.

The ocean waste is transformed into premium granules with the assistance of solar energy and then remoulded into the glorious timepiece you see before you. The watch comes in three different colour options, Deep Blue, Octopus black and Nemo orange and each one is 10 ATM water resistant and filled with ocean references such as the 3D moulded ocean dial, the buoy inspired hands and the colour schemes. A great looking timepiece for a great cause.

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