Nordic Appeal Apple Accessories

When it comes to design, few technology brands can hold a candle to Apple and their array of products such as iMacs, iPads and MacBooks so if you own one of these devices, chances are you’re pretty serious about aesthetics. If that sounds like you, you’re definitely going to want to feast your eyes on the amazing selection of Apple Accessories from Danish brand, Nordic Appeal because, quite frankly, they are going to ramp up the style of your Apple devices significantly.

Nordic Appeal are all about delivering stylish, sustainable designs for the array of Apple products on the market and their sleek, elegant pieces really will add to the aesthetic appeal of your MacBooks, iMacs et al. The first rate range of Nordic Appeal Apple Accessories are going to appeal to minimalist interior design lovers out there and you can count us amongst that crowd here at Coolector HQ. For the ultimate in stylish Apple accessories, look no further than Nordic Appeal.

Check out a few of the best pieces from this top class Danish design brand below:

Nordic Appeal MacBook Stand

The MacBook is unquestionably one of Apple’s most elegant pieces of design and these superb MacBook Stands from Nordic Appeal compliment it fantastically well. Each stand is made in Denmark with traditional Danish craftsmanship from sustainably forested woodland and this delivers such a tangible sense of quality. These cleverly designed stands supports your ergonomics by raising the display and angle the keyboard and also keeps your laptop cooler and protects whilst you port it about in your bag. Sleek design and first class craftsmanship combine to make this an essential accessory for any MacBook owner.

Nordic Appeal iMac Stand

Apple’s desktop computer, the iMac, is also a minimalist design marvel and the Nordic Appeal iMac Stand elevates it in two senses – both aesthetically and literally – and makes it a much more attractive and functional proposition for your workspace. Designed to raise the eye-level of your iMac and, in doing so, reduce neck pain, this stylish and impeccably made offering from Nordic Appeal really does deliver in the style department and it is available in walnut and oak so you can pick the one that best fits in with your particular workspace and interior design endeavours.

Nordic Appeal MacBook Rack

If your workspace is anything like ours here at Coolector HQ, your MacBook won’t be constantly in use but will be taking up plenty of space on the desk. Well, you can make this a problem of the past with this supremely stylish MacBook Rack from Nordic Appeal. This understated and classy accessory is designed to resemble a bicycle rack and will keep your MacBook in the upright position which will use less energy and keep your MacBook cooler. Again, this excellent looking product is carefully crafted in Denmark from sustainable woods and whether you opt for the oak or walnut varieties, you will be getting a visually impactful accessory for storing your MacBook when not in use.

Nordic Appeal Wall Desk

Wall mounted accessories are often amongst our favourites from an aesthetic point of view here at Coolector HQ and this exemplary piece of design from Nordic Appeal does a great job of showcasing why this is so. The Nordic Appeal Wall Desk is perfect for those who want a standing desk because of the health benefits that this presents and it really does offer a striking and classy visual impact to wherever you choose to deploy it in the home or office. It is designed as a small standing table around which you can create a functional and stylish home office. The Wall Desk from Nordic Appeal can be fixed and easily be removed and moved to multiple different locations simply and effectively.

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