Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Kit With Siphonless Fermenter

As you’re most likely aware, we’re borderline obsessed with craft beer here at The Coolector. That being said, we’re yet to have a crack at making our own but that might just be about to change courtesy of this brilliant Craft Beer Making Kit With Siphonless Fermenter from Northern Brewer. If you’re looking for an affordable and straightforward way of getting into craft brewing, this is it.

The Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Kit With Siphonless Fermenter has a pleasingly wallet friendly price tag of $70 and comes with all of the ingredients and equipment that you will require to make 1 gallon of craft homebrew – which is more than enough to see you through a backyard BBQ this summer.

Makes Beer Making a Breeze

If you’ve had reservations about it being difficult to make craft beer at home, this great bit of kit from Northern Brewer will help put paid to them. It comes with step-by-step instructions and the complete kit makes it devilishly simple, not to mention fun, to make your own craft beer at home – and you can use your friends as guinea pigs at your next gathering.

The Northern Brewer Craft Beer Making Kit With Siphonless Fermenter ($70) will provide a finished product that will be ready to drink in about six weeks – so move now if you want your own homebrew ready for Summer BBQ season. The key component is the siphonless fermenter which simplifies the process considerably and reduces mess during critical steps of the brewing.

Northern Brewer is one of the most respected names in the homebrewing industry for their sterling work in delivering premium brewing ingredients and equipment to homebrewers who don’t have a local taproom to head over to when they get the craft beer itch. That’s why we’re trusting our latest homebrewing projects to their foolproof kits here at Coolector HQ which has more or less everything you need to brew up a gallon of the brewery’s Kama Citra Pale Ale. Win, win.

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