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There something deeply rewarding for us here at Coolector HQ when we come across new watchmakers that tally with our design sensibilities and the latest to have done exactly that is NOVE Watches, who boast a stellar line up of striking timepieces that we’re loving. This boutique watchmaker of Swiss made timepieces has a small but perfectly formed collection to choose from and if you’re after a stylish, affordable watch for your wrist this summer, NOVE would be one of our first ports of call.

It is the signature dials of NOVE Watches which really set them apart from the competition these dials will always be at the heart of their watches and their philosophy, which is a signature of their ideals. There are an array of different collections to choose from with NOVE but two of our favourites here at Coolector HQ are their Craftsman and Trident collections. Striking style and a quality performance combine to make these an essential addition to any timepiece aficionado’s line up of watches.

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Contemporary Design & Performance

The minimalistic, understated nature of these watches from NOVE definitely resonates with our tastes here at The Coolector and this is particularly true of their Craftsman Collection of watches. This series offers a completely unique watch with an original never seen before system to adjust the hands. Prices start at £449 for this stand out series of watches which uses NOVE’s patented and beautiful bottom-press time adjustment system. By removing the crowns from the side for supreme comfort, the innovative system requires a press on the back of the case to move the hands forwards.

Another stand out collection of watches from NOVE is their Trident series which has more of a dive watch aesthetic and are about as adventure ready as they come. Billed as the world’s slimmest dive watch, it’s hard not to be impressed by the visual impact of the Trident which boasts a unique three lever stopper system that combines fearless looking gear teeth, working together as a unidirectional bezel, which is an officially registered design in Switzerland. The Trident Collection starts at £378 and come in a vast array of colourways to suit different tastes.

Based on an ethos that time is a new movement, NOVE watches have certainly left us impressed with their aesthetics, performance and affordability here at The Coolector. They are creating pieces of art that people want to wear, pieces of art that also happen to tell the time. Time is ours, and NOVE are the world’s first watchmakers who care less about telling time, because living in time is more pertinent and rewarding.

Innovative Accessories

It’s not often you see watchmakers that aren’t afraid to innovate in this day and age so its refreshing to see watchmakers like NOVE on the market who offer watches that dare to be different such as their Trident and Craftsman series of timepieces. It is their mission to be the watch of choice for those who value time and share a passion for contemporary and innovative watch designs. 

High caliber materials and top of the range craftsmanship combine to create lasting timepieces that are contemporary, playful and extraordinary. Great value for money and unparalleled style and performance, the watches from NOVE are a real triple threat and will great for anyone looking for a minimalist watch for their wrist this summer.


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