Vollebak Full Metal Jacket Black Edition

There are few brands that do unusual apparel better than the guys at Vollebak and they’re at it once again with their latest release – the Full Metal Jacket Black Edition. Priced at £895 which may, on the face of it, might seem like a lot to pay for a piece of outerwear, you’ll realise why when you discover that each one has been built with over 11km of copper – a material that transformed civilisations and modern technology.

The Vollebak Full Metal Jacket Black Edition (£895) has been conceived as a response to the current pandemic situation and has been designed to help Vollebak pioneer the future of intelligent and disease resistant clothing. Copper is one of the most advanced materials in our solar system and it rapidly became to the rise of civilisation, creating tools and sterilising water, before enabling modern day communication, transport, and electrical power – and now it forms part of your outerwear line up with this eye-catching jacket.

Clever Use of Materials

Copper has the ability to conduct heat and power while killing bacteria and viruses and this makes it a potential first building block for the future of clothing. Used to create the earliest recorded medical tools in ancient Egypt, and the latest medical tools being developed by NASA, Vollebak decided to build an entire jacket out of it and the end results are nothing short of extraordinary.

The Vollebak Full Metal Jacket Black Edition (£895) is crafted from 65% copper but the jacket is soft, malleable, highly waterproof, windproof and breathable. It comes with a fleece lined neck and pockets, which make it an excellent everyday technical jacket. Making clothes out of naturally conductive materials may just be the first stepping stone towards intelligent clothing. Over the next 10 to 10,000 years clothing has the potential to help us become stronger and faster and even live longer and this offering from Vollebak may be the catalyst for this.

The ability of copper and graphene to conduct heat and power while killing bacteria and viruses make them the first likely building blocks for the future of clothing. With graphene being incredibly expensive to produce at scale, Vollebak are trialling copper at the same time. The Full Metal Jacket is the brand’s first move into copper clothing and proof of its viability. It’s made from 65% copper and has over 11 kilometres of copper in every jacket. That’s enough copper to stretch from one side of NYC to the other and back.

Quality Craftsmanship

There’s a reason this is the first jacket to be made predominantly from copper. This is because the process of turning metal into a wearable fabric is complex. The first of the jacket’s three layers is crafted from a lacquered copper yarn which is woven on rapier weaving looms before being scoured, heat-set, dyed and dried. This curing process takes six days. The lacquer is completely clear and acts as protection, so the colour of each jacket is the colour of the dyed copper beneath it.

The surface of the Full Metal Jacket from Vollebak looks computer generated when you’re standing in front of it. And that’s because the hundreds of thousands of moving copper parts warp and ripple like water. But while the jacket is crafted out of metal and looks like it’s come from another planet, you wouldn’t know it just by touching it as it feels largely the same as other jackets on the market. Another out of this world release from the guys at Vollebak.

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