Ocean Eye House

Living next to an ocean is a dream for a lot of people and even if the property wasn’t as mesmerisingly awesome as the Ocean Eye House from Studio Saxe, we’d still live the opportunity here at Coolector HQ. The Ocean Eye House is one of those minimalistic architectural marvels that we tend to gravitate towards and for anyone with a love of wood heavy home design, this will be right up your street too.

Studio Saxe are a London and Costa Rica based design studio and the breathtaking Ocean Eye House is unquestionably one of their crowning achievements to date. This stunning piece of architecture is located in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica and boasts one of those views that money can’t buy (well, almost). Gloriously designed to make the most of its spectacular location, the Ocean Eye House is minimalistic where it needs to be and bold and striking where an aesthetic impact is required.

Wonderful Location

With a location perfectly set between the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other, we can seldom think of a more amazing location for a property here at Coolector HQ and if you love the thought of being right in the middle of nature with jaw-dropping views of the sea, the Ocean Eye House is the one for you. Studio Saxe are dedicated to delivering sustainable architecture and, as a result, the design, materials selected and construction methods used throughout the creation of the Ocean Eye House are all part of a bigger endeavour to work with the environment.

The Studio Saxe designed Ocean Eye House is a combination of  contemporary technology, unparalleled local knowledge and first class, handcrafted techniques which have all come together to create a unique, eye-catching property which is completely in keeping with it’s out of this world location on the cusp of the ocean, in the heart of the jungle. Nestled on a steep hillside, the Ocean Eye House effortlessly transitions from bold, private rooms at the rear of the property that gives way to incredible views to the front. A number of terraces break down barriers between the various areas found within, both vertically and horizontally, whilst, at the same time, connecting the family to the surrounding landscapes.

Carefully designed and crafted, the Ocean Eye House These has openings throughout that have been thoughtfully positioned to ensure the flow of air can move through the house, thereby cooling it naturally in the humid environment of Costa Rica. The terraces jut out over the property, which protects the occupants from the unforgiving sun as it moves across the sky. Breathtaking views are what really bring this property to life but it also looks like one of the most relaxing structures we’ve seen in some time here at Coolector HQ.

Breathtaking Build

It is plain to see that a lot of thought and attention has gone into the design and finish of the Ocean Eye House to ensure that it fits in perfectly with its surroundings and allows its occupants to really enjoy the ocean front and jungle centric setting. The interwoven terraces which relate to each other in all dimensions do a superb job of creating not just an internal dynamic interaction between the different areas of the property but also varied and unexpected relationships between the inhabitants and the stunning landscapes right outside the front door.

If you love oceanside architecture as much as us here at The Coolector, the Ocean Eye House from Studio Saxe has surely resonated with your sensibilities too and you’ll be blown away by the stunning, yet understated, interior design elements which do a superb job of finishing off the extraordinary work carried out by the architects behind this magnificent Costa Rican home.

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