The Ockham Razor

We’re big into the idea of spending a little extra money on the items we use in everyday life here at Coolector HQ. Stuff which makes life a little easier on the eye. Every day we walk into our bathroom and are faced with the same old cheap plastic toothbrush, clunky “retro” comb, and ugly throwaway razor. Which makes no sense, as we love nothing more than to share what we consider to be good, eye-catching and a somewhat humorous take on design. So why should that stop at the bathroom door?

Well thankfully for us there’s a few new companies and start-ups looking to change how we go about using those everyday essentials, by design products which we’ll actually enjoy using and keep longer than a month. Up steps The Ockham Razor; an English-made minimalists approach to an age-old commodity.

The team behind the Ockham Razor wanted to create a simple bit of shaving kit that sits nicely along with the rest of your gear, without screaming, “testosterone”, “designer” or something which is just over-manly. Something that isn’t loud, or in your face, an item that just looks good. Check out some more shots below:






The outcome was a painfully simple; a modern looking, beautiful razor that doesn’t flash, vibrate or tweet you football scores – it quite simply gives you a good shave and looks handsome doing so.

The Ockham Razor is made from one piece of solid metal, reducing any faff or frills and is compatible with  Gillette Mach 3 blades. The razor comes in silver, black and copper, can be personalised with engraving and is currently running on Kickstarter to get into production. Money well spent.

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