Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet

Wallets are something that every man will own and, truth be told, one of the most divisive pieces of everyday carry on the market. Some like leather, others will lean towards metal and with so many other materials in between to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin when picking a wallet. Here at Coolector HQ, all we’re interested in is quality and that’s why we’ve been left so thoroughly impressed with the Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet which is funding over on Kickstarter now.

The Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet is a real stand out contender to be your next piece of EDC, particularly if you’re a fan of stealthy looking, robust and cool looking carry that will deliver when it matters. This slimline offering is already starting to take flight on Kickstarter and this isn’t surprising when you consider all the awesome features that this excellent looking wallet has in store for fans of well made wares.

Stylish & Functional

We love top quality wallets here at The Coolector and the Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet undoubtedly falls into that bracket with its well conceived design, excellent craftsmanship and abundance of functionality. This cracking piece of carry is lightweight with a streamlined profile that makes it the perfect fit for any pocket and despite its compact aesthetic, it has sufficient storage space for up to 7 cards which, truth be told, is probably more than most men carry today.

The Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet has the technological element that is increasingly important today with RFID blocking technology that will keep your card data safe and secure whilst inside. With quick card access that lets you push out each of your chosen cards simply and effectively and when deployed, your cards will cascade out in a fan shape so you can easily sort through them and pick out which one it is you need.

Cutting down on the bulkiness of conventional wallets was one of the chief objectives of the Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet and it accomplishes this with some considerable style with the slimline finish that is sure to appeal visually. The fact that the wallet is crafted from carbon fibre also means that it is extremely lightweight and it weighs in at a mere 15g so you’ll no longer have to put up with being weighed down by a bulky wallet.

Robust EDC

This thoroughly impressive wallet is one of the strongest you’ll find out there on the market and it is made from the highest aerospace and motorsport grade quality carbon fibre, which means it offers exceptional strength and unparalleled durability that other materials simply cannot come close to.

For those of you with designs on getting a new wallet in your pocket this summer, the Ogon 3C Carbon Clip Wallet would definitely be at the forefront of our thinking here at Coolector HQ. Not only does it have a stylish, striking aesthetic, it is also slimline and incredibly robust and won’t let you down in the performance department.

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