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The log cabin is somewhat of a pipe dream for a lot of men dreaming of a retreat out in the wild and with the ever growing popularity of so-called cabin porn, championing some of the coolest looking and most remote cabins in the world, we here at Coolector HQ have also found ourselves deeply enamoured at the prospect of owning such a fortress of solitude and these Pluspuu Log Cabins might just be the perfect solution.

Pluspuu are a Helsinki, Finland, based purveyor of modern style log cabins and they offer a diverse selection to choose from for the consumer who holds quality of craftmanship and calibre of materials above all else. Pluspuu Log Cabins are, truth be told, aesthetically superior to the traditional notion of a log cabin and boast sophisticated architectural design alongside mitred corner joints and narrow seams between all the logs which deliver the unparalleled visual impact of a light and contemporary wooden building.

Eco Friendly Designs

It goes without saying that log cabins are much more friendly to the environment than conventional buildings and this is particularly true of these gloriously stylish Pluspuu Log Cabins. The log walls are robust and long-lasting and provide a healthy indoor environment for you to live in whilst delivering the utterly unparalleled external aesthetic that we’re absolutely loving here at Coolector HQ.

The Pluspuu Log Cabins provide a durable, top-quality structure which can be used either as a permanent residence or, if you’d prefer, a relaxing holiday retreat. With plenty of architectural styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a Pluspuu Log Cabin that suits your visual tastes and space requirements.
 Structurally speaking, the cabins make use of the latest Finnish log construction technology to ensure the quality of the finish is second to none and this is something that really stands out from all of the company’s designs.

Put together by Ollikaisen Hirsirakenne Oy, a company with over 40 years’ experience of log house construction based in Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, you needn’t have any concerns about the structural integrity of your log cabin and can instead focus on making the most of the cosy interiors and, ideally, amazing views that it offers, depending on where you choose to situate it. You have the ability to customise certain elements of the design to suit your own tastes and we’re loving the sheer wealth of options already available when it comes to choosing the right Pluspuu Log Cabin for you.

Wilderness Retreat

It goes without saying that most log cabins are at home in the wilderness and that’s where the Pluspuu Log Cabins look their best but they are incredibly versatile structures that will adapt to their surrounding and suitable for all sorts of different climates and locations.

If relocating to a log cabin in the middle of nowhere is something that appeals to your sensibilities but you don’t want to entirely do away with luxury, these gloriously crafted Pluspuu Log Cabins are going to tick all of the right boxes. Tailored to suit your style tastes and space requirements, you’ll be hard pressed to find many log cabins out there that can hold a candle to these in the style department.

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