Ögon Designs 3C Minimalist Smart Wallet

Wallets have, we’ve noticed here at Coolector HQ, come a long way in a short space of time and the technology and clever design behind them is improving all the time but we might just have reached a pinnacle with the super cool looking Ögon Designs 3C Minimalist Smart Wallet that is funding over on Indiegogo as we speak.


The coolest feature that immediately stands out with this fantastic piece of everyday carry is the material from which it is crafted – hi-tech crafted aeronautic durable carbon fibre – that is not only robust and hard-wearing but also boasts the sort of stealthy visual appeal that we’re a big fan of here at The Coolector.

Technology in your Pocket

A wallet needs to be a lot of things to a lot of people and the 3C Minimalist Smart Wallet from Ögon Designs does an admirable job of meeting all these needs with its impeccable design and durable, striking construction.

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Made from ultra light & strong scratchproof aeronautic carbon fibre, there are all sorts of eye-catching technological features to be enjoyed with this first class wallet including RFID Protection and a innovative Tracker & Separation alert option that will inform you when you’re a certain distance from your wallet.

The slimming down of wallets is one of the biggest areas of change over the last few years and this is an area in which the Ögon Design Wallet positively excels. Slim, lightweight and barely making a dent in your pocket, this great looking piece of EDC has sufficient space for up to 7 cards along with your cash, receipts and other business cards.

A Wallet Like No Other

We like our wallets to stand out from the crowd here at Coolector HQ and that’s why this smart wallet from Ögon Designs immediately resonated with us. The functional and versatile design allows for quick card access and ergonomics have certainly been considered throughout the design process to ensure it is simple to hold, carry and fits well in the pocket at all times.



It is designed in such a way to ensure that your cards won’t fall out of the wallet, even when shaken and even when there’s only a single card in there. This gives you that added piece of mind that your cards are in safe hands and the other technological components such as RFID and location tracking are icing on the cake.

Carbon fibre is a material we’re seeing in more and more products now but it is particularly well suited to wallets in our opinion and this Ögon Designs wallet does a great job of integrating it into a smart, slim, lightweight offering that is definitely going to appeal to those men looking for a robust wallet this autumn.


If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, you’ll need to move fast as the Indiegogo clock is ticking on this one and it represents your best chance of picking up one of these great looking wallets for a bargain price.

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