Oliver Cabell Low 1 Trainers

When it comes to trainers / sneakers, there are certain brands that we always find ourselves gravitating towards here at The Coolector and, it’s fair to say, the guys at Oliver Cabell definitely have a seat at the top table in this regard.

One of our favourite collections from this American footwear brand is their, ever-growing, series of Low 1 Sneakers. They boast an awesome, distressed aesthetic which gives them a worn in look and will really add a visual impact to any outfit choices this fall. Check out a few of our favourite recent releases from the Low 1 range from Oliver Cabell below:

Low 1 | Sea Salt | $227

Perfectly distressed and with an understated style, these fantastic sneakers are handmade in Italy to exacting standards and will finish off any smart casual outfit with some considerable aplomb. Great value for money given the exemplary materials used throughout their crafting.

Low 1 | Shamrock | $239

Hand stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy, these Low 1 Sneakers in Shamrock might be one of our favourites from Oliver Cabell here at Coolector HQ. Their quality is plain to see and they offer comfort beyond compare. Got Irish roots and want to show it in style, look no further.

Demi | Daybreak | $248

Boasting a stealthy style, these Demi Daybreak Low 1 Sneakers from Oliver Cabell are crafted from a 3oz full grain calfskin leather from Marche, Italy which delivers a tangible sense of quality to proceedings and the sort of sneakers you’ll be reaching for day in, day out for years to come.

Low 1 | Chicago | $227

Comfort is key with the Low 1 Sneakers from Oliver Cabell and this comes from their Margom Italian outsoles — these outsoles are renowned for their durable, lightweight rubber and the excellence of comfort derived from them. They also have an Italian calf-skin over removable moulded in-sole.

Low 1 | Atomic | $227

Definitely amongst the most visually vibrant of Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Series, the Atomic is going to make you stand out in a crowd, that’s for sure. This one is a limited edition release and only 50 pairs will be hitting the shelves in each size so, if you like what you see, make sure you move fast.

Low 1 | Cobalt | $239

Features like the Italian calfskin leather really make the Low 1 Sneakers stand out from the competition and we’re loving this impactful Cobalt offering here at Coolector HQ. If you want to ramp up your sneaker game this Fall, these would undoubtedly be a top pick of ours.

Leo Davie