Onewheel Pint

For those of you that like to push the envelope a little in terms of how your get from A to B on a daily basis, you’ll likely have had your head turned by electric skateboards in the past but chances are you won’t have seen anything quite like the Onewheel Pint before. The latest release from the innovative brand, the Onewheel Pint has certainly captured our imagination here at Coolector HQ with it’s eye-catching design and sub-$1000 price tag.

For those looking for a new mode of urban transportation, the Onewheel Pint has got to be a prime candidate for the position and this small but perfectly formed version of their flagship release has been carefully designed to be suitable for everyday journeys and adventures. The beauty of the Onewheel Pint comes from the fact that it really does hit the sweet spot between price, performance, and practicality and will deliver an enjoyable means of getting about town on a daily basis.

Pint-sized Design, Massive Performance

Onewheel’s smallest release to date, the Pint measures in at just 27 inches long, which makes it the ideal fit for your daily life. You can easily take it on the bus or train, set it down next to you at the coffee shop or stash it under your desk at work. Wherever you go, the Onewheel Pint will be by your side and ready and waiting for some pavement adventures. It has been outfitted with an integrated Maghandle, which makes this fun-sized stoke machine as portable and easy to carry as it gets.

The Onewheel Pint has a price tag of just $950 which is pretty extraordinary when you consider its mighty impressive characteristics and performance capabilities. This first class steed boasts a Lightbar which has been integrated into the front footpad for sense pad indication, battery monitoring and in-ride alerts – and, needless to say, it makes the Pint look pretty awesome in the dark to boot.

Boasting a HyperCore™ Brushless motor, the performance of the Onewheel Pint is most impressive indeed and instead of using a remote as most electric skateboards do, the Pint has lean-to-go functionality which offers a more natural and enjoyable riding experience. The Pint from Onewheel has a top speed of 16MPH and a range of 6-8 miles on a full charge and depending on your riding style. It has intelligent LED lighting for enhanced safety and comes with an accompanying app which delivers data and statistics about any journey you take your Onewheel Pint on.

Choices, Choices

There are three different colours to choose from with the Onewheel Pint – namely, Sage, Slate and Sand – with the Sage offering being a limited edition colour way so you’ll need to move quickly if you want to secure one in that colour. There is so much more to Pint than one big wheel in the centre – it is a highly integrated piece of high tech machinery with more to it than first meets the eye and a performance that is beyond compare.

Available for under $1000, the Onewheel Pint offers great value for money and will deliver a whole new way of making your way around urban landscapes. It takes just 120 minutes to fully recharge so you’ll be able to use this fantastic ride day in, day out and it’s lightweight at just 23lbs which makes it one of the most portable offerings on the market. After a fun new way to get around in 2019? Look no further.

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