Reborn Wallets

We’ve featured a lot of wallets on the pages of The Coolector and there have been some mighty interesting materials used in their creation but one of the most impressive use of recycled materials we’ve encountered to date can be witnessed with these Reborn Wallets, which are crafted from repurposed wetsuits. Reborn Wallets cleverly upcycle clean wetsuits in order to make good looking wallets which help to fund ocean clean up.

Reborn Wallets began with the mission to create functional minimalist wallets from materials that would potentially pollute our oceans and landfills and, in doing so, have provided a eye-catching accessory that has a story to tell. When making their wallets, Reborn use wetsuits that are no longer considered to be sea worthy alongside polyester which has been spun from recycled plastic bottles and the end result is the impressive looking wallets you see before you.

Environmentally Friendly EDC

If you’re serious about doing your bit for the environment, investing in environmentally friendly EDC like these Reborn Wallets is a great place to start. Extremely affordable with a price tag starting at just $19.99, you can get one of those eco-friendly wallets in your pocket for a great price. For anyone who scuba dives, fishes, surfs or just enjoy the occasional ocean view then you understand the importance of preserving the oceans cleanliness. As the world’s population increases people are waking up to the damage being done by pollution and it is Reborn’s objective to redirect neoprene and harvest plastics to produce an EDC wallet.

The quality construction and eye-catching design of the Reborn Wallets made from upcycled wetsuits is what immediately catches the eye and if you want a new wallet for your EDC wallet in 2019 that does good for the planet then this is the ideal place to start. The guys at Reborn will give you a free wallet if you ship them any wetsuit that you were planning to throw away because they can use it to make their great looking accessories.

Each Reborn Wallet is designed to be used in your front pocket and will effortlessly fit in the same pocket as your smartphone courtesy of its flexible, streamlined design. Capable of holding up to ten cards (which is more than enough for most men) with two front pockets which each able to hold five cards apiece. The wallets also have a rear pocket which can be used to hold cash, receipts or a primary card that gets the most use such as your debit card or travel card.

Material Matters

The Reborn Wallets are made from upcycled 3MM wetsuit neoprene and polyester spun from recycled plastic bottles and for each wallet purchased, 10% will be donated towards an ocean cleanup organisation that help keep our oceans clean and plastic free. These wallets, as you might expect from something made from wetsuits, float in water even when fully loaded with cards so if you drop it in the deep blue sea, it’s not immediately a goner like most other wallets.

Available in a number of different colour stitching, these Reborn Wallets are great value for money at just $19.99 and if you want a cool new accessory for your EDC line up in 2019, this could just be the one for you. For those with a love of watersports and environmentally conscious products, there’s a lot to like with these Reborn Wallets and the fact you can get one for under $20 is the icing on the cake.

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