Onnit Iron Man Kettlebell

Let’s face it, if you’re going to make a kettlebell based upon a Marvel character, there are few better candidates for the job than that of Iron Man and this is something that leading fitness equipment purveyors, Onnit, are only too aware of and that’s why you’re next work out equipment of choice will most likely be this awesome looking Onnit Iron Man Kettlebell.

Onnit are a fitness brand based out of Austin, Texas, who are particularly well known for the excellent range of unusual kettlebells but this superb looking Iron Man offering definitely gets our vote here at Coolector HQ as their best to date and for anyone looking to achieve superhero strength in 2017, this might just be the perfect catalyst for achieving it.

Fitness Marvel

Kettlebells are definitely one of the best all rounders when it comes to working different muscle groups and you’ll be pumping iron in two ways with this well made and super cool Iron Man Kettlebell from Onnit. Weighing in at 40lbs, this is going to provide a serious workout to any Tony Stark wannabes and it takes its design inspiration from the Marvel character’s iconic helmet which has become synonymous with the movie.

If you have a duel love of fitness and superheroes, then this is unquestionably the ideal piece of workout equipment for you because the Onnit Iron Man Kettlebell is wonderfully well crafted and boasts the sort of aesthetic that will definitely turn heads in the gym. Purpose built to to help you build strength, increase mobility, and, if combined with Tony Stark levels of wealth, potentially enhance your odds of dating a supermodel.

Onnit know what they’re doing when it comes to making kettlebells and, despite the eye-catching, often playful designs, these are serious pieces of fitness apparatus that are made to exacting specifications to deliver impeccable results. The Iron Man Kettlebell is made with a high quality, chip-resistant coating that is robust and hard wearing enough to withstand even the most epic and uncompromising of workouts.

Solid Fitness

Whilst we’re far from the fittest bunch here at Coolector HQ given our unerring proclivity for craft beer, we have used kettlebells from time to time and know how influential they can be in increasing core strength. This brilliant looking Iron Man Kettlebell from Onnit lets you combine explosive strength with muscular endurance to deliver an effective and athletically superior full body workout.

If 2017 is the year that you want to get fit and healthy, you’re going to need the right tools at your disposal to achieve it and a kettlebell should be one of the first pieces of apparatus in any man’s armoury of workout equipment – and it may as well be an awesome one, based on everyone’s favourite know-it-all superhero, Iron Man.

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