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Finding the right apparel for urban commuting can be most problematic indeed but fortunately there are some lifestyle brands out there that dedicate themselves to solving such problems and a prime example of this is Taylor Stitch and their latest series of apparel that goes by the name of the Civic Collection.

Fans of The Coolector will be no strangers to Taylor Stitch as this San Francisco based brand are regular fixtures on the site as we find it difficult not to be bewitched by the quality of their wares and, we’re pleased to report, the Civic Collection very much looks as though being one of their best to date.

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Of lot of men who commute today will do so by bicycle and this is one area in particular where it can be particularly difficult to find the right apparel but Taylor Stitch have very much hit the nail on the head with their supremely functional and effortlessly stylish Civic Collection. Designed to meet the rigours of daily movement, without the need to compromise on style or comfort, the Civic Collection from Taylor Stitch effortlessly follows you through the most demanding of city commutes – whether this be by bike, foot or bus.

Comprising of a number of different pieces of apparel, all of which will serve their own purpose, it’s hard not to be impressed by the Taylor Stitch Civic Collection. Some of the stand out pieces from this collection have been outlined below:

The Commuter Chino

Trousers are tricky when it comes to cycling but the Commuter Chino from Taylor Stitch have been, if you’ll excuse the terrible pun, tailor made with this sort of pursuit in mind. Both the materials and design have activity in mind but they achieve this objective without compromising on style and these chinos will look just as good on and off the bike. Handmade in Spain from Merino 4S is a blend of 70% Merino and 30% Sorona, the comfort of these chinos is second to none and you’ll find their functionality very much to your liking too with features like hidden pockets for your everyday carry essentials. Available in olive and navy and as robust as they come, this will be the last part of commuter pants you’ll be needing for some time and can be picked up for a bargain price during pre-funding.

Price: $98

Mercerized Merino T-Shirt

Proudly handmade in Turkey, the Mercerized Merino T-Shirt from Taylor Stitch is a style staple and one that men will favour when heading out on their morning commute when spring rolls around. This understated classic is a prime example of the fact a piece of clothing doesn’t need to be overtly flashy to be perfect and this simple but brutally effective tee will keep you comfortable during any urban commute. With excellent moisture management and a strong, robust finish, this is one T-shirt that will keep up with you no matter how hard you go. Another clothing classic from Taylor Stitch.

Price: $44

Commuter Jacket

If, like us here at Coolector HQ, you live somewhere with regular inclement weather, you’re going to want a reliable jacket for your urban commute and they simply don’t come much better than the fantastic looking and superbly crafted Commuter Jacket from Taylor Stitch. One of the cornerstones of their Civic Collection, the Commuter Jacket is made from MerinoPerform™ WP, which is an innovative woven wool fabric that makes use of the latest fibre stretching and fabric compacting innovations. This delivers a wind and water repellent fabric that maintains all the other excellent characteristics of Merino and provides a comfortable and durable jacket for any commute.

Price: $248

Commuter Shorts

If the weather facilitates it, you can beat a good pair of shorts during an urban commute and the Commuter Shorts from Taylor Stitch are a great pair so they definitely get our vote here at Coolector HQ. Handmade in Spain, the Commuter Shorts boast hidden zip pockets so you’re not worried about losing your belongings during the ride and the Merino 4S fabric, which is a blend of 70% Merino and 30% Sorona, will unquestionably make for a comfortable ride. Perfect for the impending spring months, these Commuter Shorts from Taylor Stitch expertly comingle style with comfort and can be picked up for a steal during pre-funding.

Price: $88

The Dash Bicycle

Whilst not a piece of apparel, the Dash Bicycle forms a core part of the Taylor Stitch Civic Collection and is, frankly, too good to be ignored. Designed specifically for daily transportation, The Dash Bicycle from Taylor Stitch is both aesthetically superior and crafted from the finest components to provide one mighty eye-catching steed, perfect for the everyday urban commute. The Dash Bicycle has an auto 2-speed hub and a simple coaster brake and was developed by Aaron Stinner of Stinner Bicycles. Made in the USA by Heritage Bicycles of Chicago, The Dash is a fine looking contraption that will make getting to work a pleasure.


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