Optik Instruments Horizon Watch

Watches are, of course, a simple accessory geared towards carrying the simple act of providing the time as and when we need it but that doesn’t mean to say some thought and design flair shouldn’t go into their conception and crafting. A brand new timepiece that goes by the name of the Horizon Watch from Optik Instruments knows this only too well and will be launching on Kickstarter in a matter of days for the bargain price of just £199.

Optik Instruments are a brand new name on the watchmaking market and having taken in their flagship offering – the decidedly striking and aesthetically unusual Horizon Watch – they certainly look like being a name to watch out for in the future. The Optik Instruments Horizon Watch will be launching on Kickstarter next week and if these images are anything to go by, it might just be one of the most popular timepiece campaigns on the crowdfunding platform to date.

Engaging Display

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Horizon Watch from Optik Instruments is the engaging and slightly unconventional watch face which displays all 24 hours of your day as a circle. This includes the daylight hours and those hours after dark. Early morning and evening all right in front of you in an aesthetically appealing accessory. This first class timepiece has a clever design and unlike other, often more complicated dials, this is incredibly simple to adapt to. A single line is all that’s needed to gauge the time forever more – meaning no more relearning of binary scales, or coming to terms with confusing positional oddities.

The disc of the Optik Instruments Horizon Watch rotates clockwise once every 24 hours and the time is extremely clear at a glance and is referenced by the red line dissecting the dial. It really is that simple. This visually superior timepiece will be available in four initial options during their Kickstarter campaign which launches next week and each one will boast it’s own unique feel, visuals and presence – the hard part will come in choosing one because they all look so great.

Elegant and sophisticated in design, the Optik Instruments Horizon Watch has a thick domed sapphire crystal watch face which flows effortlessly into the stainless steel unibody case. The striking cylindrical crown superbly compliments pebble’s radius and the straps nestle cleanly within the case for an understated aesthetic impact on the smooth sleek form of these eye-catching and fantastically cool timepieces.

Expert Craftsmanship

Boasting a British design and Swiss made parts, the quality of these Horizon Watches from Optik Instruments is plain to see and makes their sub £200 price tag all the more remarkable. These stunning watches are the first of their kind to use a single rotating disc as a method of telling the time. In order to make sure the disc design was an advantage, rather than a hindrance, the movement within was tested for accuracy, deviation and longevity.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen with these superb looking timepieces from Optik Instruments then you’ll not have long to wait to throw your support behind their Kickstarter campaign which is launching in just a few days time. Head on over their site to get an email reminder of the launch and take in the impressive aesthetics of these cracking accessories.

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