Oree iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Shell

Though we yet to migrate to the latest iteration of the iPhone here at The Coolector, that doesn’t mean to say that we haven’t got our ear to the grindstone with regard to any bits of awesomeness pertaining to Apple’s latest device and one of the best bits of gadgetry we’ve seen recently, aesthetically and functionally, is the brilliant looking Oree iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Shell which not only provides a level of protection for your precious smartphone but also has the capabilities to charge it wirelessly.

The striking Oree iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Shell is crafted from walnut for a decidedly aesthetically pleasing finish that will add to the appeal of your iPhone 6 significantly and when used in conjunction with another device from Oree, the Oree Pebble 1 or 2, it will also charge your phone without any need for pesky wires cluttering up your desk.

Extremely elegant in design and craftsmanship, the Oree iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Shell has definitely left us impressed here at The Coolector and for anyone after a striking and versatile casing and charging solution for their smartphone then this will tick all the right boxes admirably. Take a look at a few more shots below:




If you’re in possession of an iPhone 6 and you’re yet to obtain a suitable cover and charging solution for said device then we dare say that you will have had your head turned by Oree and their rather spiffing accessories. Stylish, functional and versatile, the Oree iPhone 6/ 6 Plus Shell has left us impressed with it aesthetic superiority and technological capabilities here at Coolector HQ and we’re sure there will be plenty of smartphone owners out there wanting one as we speak.

Price: €90.00

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