OS Power Box

With the sheer wealth of technology at our disposal today, it stands to reason that most of us gadget lovers are keeping a look out for the ultimate piece of kit for keeping this myriad of tech fully juiced and we might just have found it in the form of this excellent looking Kickstarter campaign that goes by the name of the OS Power Box.

The OS Power Box is billed as a smart charging device which is suitable for a vast array of gadgetry that we all hold dear and includes the likes of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook/Laptops but the real beauty lies in the fact that it allows you to charge all of these devices simultaneously. And, better still, if you’re planning to invest in the soon to launch iPhone 8, the OS Power Box is ready and waiting for that too.

Powerful Performance

As so much new and great technology hits the market, most of us gadget lovers are itching to get our hands on it but it’s not normally an easy feat to keep all of your favourite pieces of tech fully charged and ready to go but the impressively designed and technologically superior OS Power Box might just be about to put a change to all that. Whether you use it for your workspace or whilst you’re on the go and travelling around, it is a highly functional and versatile solution to all your charging requirements and we’re definitely impressed with its capabilities here at Coolector HQ.

The OS Power Box does away with the cable chaos that any owner of multiple pieces of tech will be only too familiar with and delivers a functional and eye-catching solution to keeping all your gadgets charged. This clever piece of technology has already soared past its funding target over on Kickstarter which indicates we’re not alone in needing this in our lives. It is  is the first charging dock of its kind and it’s capable of supporting all MacBooks and Laptops with USB-C™ (some exceptions apply).

If you’re after a charging solution that delivers rapid, seamless and safer power to your essential devices without juggling multiple accessories at the same time, the OS Power Box on Kickstarter is just the thing for you. It has been carefully designed with those who travel a lot in mind because this is likely the scenario when charging your devices proves most tricky and the OS Power Box is a convenient, powerful and smart means of charging your tech whilst on the go. It has an MFI adapter included and also boasts 60W USB-C port powerful enough to even charge laptops which is a most impressive feature indeed.

One Dock To Rule Them All

There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by low quality, un-user friendly charging solutions in your home and the obvious solution would be to create one dock that rules them all and that’s exactly what the OS Power Box does. As it’s built for travelling, it comes with a handy and stylish travel case as part of the benefit for those who pledge on Kickstarter and this will help you keep your gadget charging even more organised whilst on the go.

The OS Power Box has all your charging needs covered and it works with all iPhones including the soon to be released iPhone 8 and this capability is joined by its smartwatch docking station, USB-A and USB-C ports so whatever bit of kit you’re looking to charge, this superb solution has got your back. If you regularly find yourself wishing you had a more functional charging solution for your technology, then head on over to Kickstarter now to bag one of these OS Power Boxes for a bargain price.

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