Cool N Vintage Light Blue Land Rover

When it comes to cool car customisation jobs, there aren’t many workshops out there that can hold a candle to what the guys at Cool N Vintage have achieved over the years. Far from their first time at The Coolector rodeo, we’ve featured many of their creations in the past but the Cool N Vintage Light Blue Land Rover just might be one of their most eye-catching creations to date in our opinion.

Cool N Vintage are a workshop with a distinctly laid back vibe and an ethos that life is more about the journey than the destination and this is a mindset which invariably weaves its way into their design processes when creating customised machines as awesome as this. The Cool N Vintage Light Blue Land Rover is a real sight to behold and the perfect machine for surfing and beach enthusiasts who love spending their life on the road.

A Life Less Ordinary

The workshop at Cool N Vintage purpose build machines that have got adventure in their blood and this stunning Light Blue Land Rover is no exception. Undoubtedly one of their most vibrant creations from a visual perspective, this spectacular steed will definitely turn heads wherever you take it. Built from the ground up again, as is usually the case with Cool N Vintage, this amazing vehicle has the sort of attention to detail, both inside and out, that the first class workshop are positively synonymous with.

Stunning aesthetically, the Cool N Vintage Light Blue Land Rover is built for the simplest of lifestyles where rest, relaxing and a love of the great outdoors are the call of the day. This phenomenal contraption is rightly a source of pride for Cool N Vintage and they feel that they’ve achieved visual perfection with the finished product – something with which it is difficult to argue. Everywhere you look on this first rate Land Rover, you’ll see some cool or quirky design feature which really helps to bring it to life.

It is finished in a visually spectacular Light Blue and boasts bespoke water and UV resistant seats in Dice and Onyx to ensure that it is always ready for any adventure. This Cool N Vintage Light Blue Land Rover really is the ultimate beach runner and for those of you that love to hit the waves and take leisurely drives along amazing stretches of coastline, this would be our pick of machines to do it in.

Rugged Finish

As mentioned, this machine from Cool N Vintage is built for adventure and to be driven on uncompromising terrains so you won’t be surprised to hear it has rugged features aplenty. The interior cabin is incredibly robust so you don’t need to worry about getting sand or water inside when you’re making those day trips to the beach and it has an especially high quality Cool N Vintage black mohair soft top, heavy duty wheels and 5 BF Goodrich Mud tires alongside striking, Military style windows.

For anyone that was born with the adventure gene and needs a vehicle that can keep up with them, this breathtaking brilliant customisation job from Cool N Vintage will more than fit the bill. Built from the ground up with an unparalleled attention to detail in the design and finish, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cooler vehicle out on the road than this one.

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