Rylo Camera

Whilst, for most of us, the cameras on our smartphones are sufficient for our day to day photos and video taking exploits, you’re going to need something that’s a cut above if you’re a touch more serious about your photographic undertakings and, for that, awesome devices like this mighty impressive Rylo Camera are going to more than fit the bill.

The Rylo Camera is described as a powerful little 360° camera which is capable of shooting larger-than-life video and, when you see it in action and the videos it’s able to capture, it’s hard not to be won over by its technological prowess. The Rylo Camera is powered by innovative and intuitive software which combines to make sure that the videos that you capture are the best that they can possibly be and it’s so lightweight and portable, it’s perfect for capturing road trips or wilderness adventures in style.

First Class Performance 

What really sets the Rylo Camera apart in our opinion here at Coolector HQ is just how great its stabilisation technology is and for anyone cursed by shaky, nausea inducing videos, this might just be the device to put paid to that. This cracking little bit of kit is capable of capturing everything around you seamlessly courtesy of the fantastic stabilisation technology within the device and once you’ve finished shooting your video, you simply connect Rylo to your smartphone and open up the Rylo app to edit and create a video which you can then share across all your networks.

Capable of stunning 360° capture, the Rylo Camera draws in all around you in breathtaking 4K resolution, which will allow you to share vivid and realistic videos which are positively overloaded with stunning detail. As a result of Rylo’s exceptional stabilisation technology, which is almost cinematic in quality, you can spend less time fretting about holding the camera stead and focus on nailing those once-in-a-lifetime shots. In addition, integrated horizon-leveling technology provides an extra helping hand, making your videos rock solid and steady from the very first frame.

With dynamic dual lenses, the Rylo Camera has custom ultra-wide angle lenses which effortlessly capture everything around you. Each lens captures 208° for seamless coverage, which is equivalent to a 7mm wide-angle lens on a traditional camera and the end result in the video quality really is second to none. Plug and play functionality means that the Rylo Camera lets you connect to your smartphone with the bundled sync cable to watch, edit and share your videos in an instant.

Adventure Ready

As you’re going to want to be using the Rylo Camera to capture all your outdoor adventures and awesome trips, it needs to be ready for action and, we’re glad to report, it most certainly is. This great little bit of tech is covered with beautiful yet robust aluminium to give it that extra level of protection and it is small enough to stash in your bag but durable enough to brave even the most unforgiving of elements, meaning Rylo is ready for every adventure – big or small.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a camera that can keep up with the adventures you find yourself on, the Rylo Camera might just be it. Compact, high performing and suitably robust for any activity, this first class piece of technology is so easy to use and the quality of the videos it is capable of capturing make it a must for any budding film directors out there looking to create their first forays into action videos.

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