Oto Electric Bicycle

Why have an electric bike when you could have a motorbike? The Oto Electric Bicycle is why.

Having recently come across this magnificent looking steed, we are well and truly ready to trade in our current non-electric bike and make the upgrade to this phenomenal stylish and retro looking machine. Heralding from Barcelona, Oto have the rather impressive distinction of making what, in our humble opinion, is the most stylish looking bicycle, electric or otherwise, that we’ve seen in many a year.

Oto Bicycles are made up of a team of designers, engineers and bike enthusiasts and you can see their love of two-wheeled machines shining through in their lovingly crafted mechanisms. Every one of the Oto Bikes is made by hand so, somewhat brilliantly, no two will be exactly the same and the tyres, seats and colours can can be customised to the consumer’s liking. Check out some of the best below:








So, if you’re in the market for a new mode of transportation and awesomeness is a prerequisite, then these truly stunning Oto Electric Bicycles will definitely tick all of the right boxes. We here at Coolector HQ are pretty smitten safe to say and hope to be razzing around on one of these sooner rather than later.

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