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Camping excursions and trips into the wild are always infinitely more enjoyable if you’ve got plenty of craft beer in tow for the journey in our opinion here at The Coolector. Well, in order to enjoy these beverages to the maximum, you’re going to need some quality drinking receptacles for your camping adventures and they don’t come much better than the awesome line up of OtterBox Drinkware which will cater to every type of beverage and outdoor adventure.

OtterBox were, like many start-ups, built on a dream and created out of a garage. They began with something as simple as a box, and started back in 1998, and built themselves upon the fundamentals of hard work, risk taking and listening to their consumers. It’s through our commitment to innovation that we’ve become what we are today and boast all sorts of accessories and wares built for life in the Great Outdoors. Amongst their finest products is the excellent line up of OtterBox Drinkware which includes tumblers and growlers for any occasion.

Beer Buddy

Regardless of whether it’s the growlers or tumblers from OtterBox that you’ve got your eye on, the quality on offer really is second to none and there will be few better homes for your beer during your camping trips this summer and fall. They offer an impressive selection of drink ware to choose from at OtterBox which includes the likes of the Elevation 64 Growler which would definitely be our top choice here at Coolector HQ courtesy of its mighty impressive beer porting credentials as it’s made from 100% stainless steel and really is ready for anything.

Some of the other eye-catching pieces of OtterBox Drinkware includes the Elevation 10 Tumbler which is billed as being short and stout and perfect for morning pick-me-ups to daily hydration to your craft beers in the evening. It is a stainless steel and coloured tumbler which comes with the closed lid and will work with a collection of lids that adapt to any adventure that you’ve got planned in the wild this summer.

Quality materials abound with all the OtterBox Drinkware and they are all made with food-grade materials so that you can put whatever you like within during your travels. You’ll need robust and durable accessories when heading out into nature and you won’t need to worry about the drink ware from OtterBox on this front because it is about as hard-wearing and no-nonsense as it gets whilst maintaining an awesome aesthetic that will look just as good on a commute to work as on a camping adventure.

Adventure Ready

All the drink ware from OtterBox is right up our craft beer loving street here at Coolector HQ and they will definitely be perfectly suited to any wilderness excursions this summer. Available in a vast array of different colours and materials and prices starting at under $30, these great pieces of drink ware don’t break the bank but will make any camping adventure more enjoyable.

OtterBox are a brand that know what it takes to spend time in the great outdoors and this shines through in all the products that they produce and nowhere is this more true than their tumblers and growlers. If you want to ensure you’ve got plenty of craft beer in tow for your camping trips, this is the best place to start.

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